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Love that God blessed me with a creative gift to share! Love creating new embroidery, needlework and patchwork projects of all kinds! Passionate about my family and my faith. Love where we live on the south coast! Wish I had more time to be creative!!

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"She who sews with courtesy reaps friendship and she who sews with kindness finds love"


I'm tutoring on .....

I'm tutoring on .....
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I'm stitching ....
Natures Journey

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And have now finished .....
Natures Journey

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

In the middle of moving .....

Just taking a break from the never ending packing up of the house before we move this week ... I'm in the sewing room .... and cleaning out the last bookshelf !!   Oh my goodness I have a lot of "essential supplies" !!    It was lovely to be back at Needlework this week with the ladies, catching up on their stories from Christmas and New Year .... lots of lovely  surprises too .... including the smiling Kereen who won Grand Champion at the local Show with her gorgeous embroidered bag !  

We made her wear her sash for the photo !!   Well done Kereen ... you have done an outstanding amount of work on that beautiful bag !!

Tracy has also done some beautiful stitching over the Christmas break, making these lovely hangings by Natalie Bird ....   

And stitched a gorgeous Nancy Halvorsen yearly calendar with each month stitched with lots of love! 

Tracy changed a couple of the designs so they fitted in with our Australian seasons !

Asta has made these very bright and cute cushions with a pocket to put a book into for a little child !  Such a great idea for all those grandmas out there !!

She has also made a really stunning quilt using batik fabrics for a special gift !

The Batemans Bay Patchwork Group are raffling this stunning blue embroidered quilt in March at their luncheon ... I bought some tickets and would love to win it !

And it was lovely to catch up with Sylvia yesterday morning in Braidwood where we shared morning tea and finally exchanged Christmas gifts !  It has been a busy few months for us both so we hadn't got to catch up ... I now have a beautiful Liberty scarf and some very very cute decorations to add to my collection ... thanks so much Sylvia .... and for doing some shopping for me for the upcoming Stitching Days in Canberra in the next couple of weeks !

Sylvia also bought me my very own copy of Anni Downs new book "The Story of My Day" .... I have had a little look through it and love some of Anni's gorgeous new designs !    

And another project I really don't need to do in 2016 is Natalie Bird's new quilt which is coming out in each issue of the Homespun magazine !  When Sylvia mentioned that Hobbysew Belconnen had kits of the Tilda fabrics used, I knew I really did NEED to do this quilt ....

I love all the Tilda fabrics and this quilt will be lovely to add to my collection !

And over a cup of herbal tea, I enjoyed reading the story about Natalie Bird and her designs ! 

Enough !  Enough !!   Back to packing .... we are nearly there and looking forward to moving on Wednesday this week into our new home just around the corner !! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Congratulations Elliott & Andrea

This year is shaping up to be another great one for our family .... our second son, Elliott and his Andrea have announced their engagement !   

Here they are together at Chelsea and Kye's wedding in December .... and here they are after he proposed at sunset in Perth on the weekend ....

We are so excited to be celebrating another wedding in the family ... with Sam and Nadia getting married in November in Sydney, it is shaping up to be another fun and exciting year !!   Congratulations Elliott & Andrea xx

Happy Australia Day

Wherever you are and whatever you may be doing .... Enjoy your Australia Day celebrations !! 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stitching on the Lake 2016 coming up

As we all get back into working mode after the holidays, thought it was a good time to remind you about our Stitching on the Lake Days in Canberra which are coming up on Saturday 20 February 2016 and again on Saturday 5 March 2016 !    Sylvia and I are putting the kits and projects together to ensure you all have another fun day of stitching and friendship!

It is always lots of fun to sit and stitch the day away with kindred spirits ....

And we are always fortunate to have our very own Master Chef, Lynne, to create some delicious treats for us to enjoy throughout the day !

If you would like to join us for one of the above Saturdays, please email me here or Sylvia here and let us know as soon as possible !    And if you are fortunate to be enjoying a very looooong Australia Day Weekend .... I hope you fit in some quality stitching time !! 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Blog to Print book 2015

At home looking after Jed today and there is always much excitement when the postman comes on his motorbike !!! Today he bought my Blog Book for 2015 ! 

I decided on a pink themed cover because I had recently finished another of my favourite canvas work pincushions with a pink theme ! 

The back cover has a collage of the wedding photos from The December wedding of Chelsea and Kye ! 

And as I looked through I saw that at this time last year I was happy to announce that I am tutoring on the Needlework Tours Embroudery & Craft Cruise departing on 20 March for a South Pacific cruise !  I'm busy putting together kits now .... in between packing to move ! 

I love having my blog printed each year as it then becomes my journal .... and Jed and I have had a fun look through the past year this morning ! 

And a glimpse of David swimming off the old gantry close to home yesterday !!  Such a stunning day ! 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Back at work .... and play

Busy week to head back to the office last week .... Exhausted each evening so no sewing done .... Not a stitch .... However cleaning out the sewing room took a while .... about 5 days ... And I did unearth some treasures ..... Lots of beautiful Liberty fabrics !! 

Lots of boxes are now labelled and ready for the move in a couple of weeks !!  Some fun time with Jed ....

Who still thinks it's Christmas because he found the Santa hats yesterday .....

And such a beautiful sunny day today .... The newly married daughter and her cousin visited and just had to jump off the Gantry nearby home .... Perfect day for it ....

Monday, January 4, 2016

Packing up

In a few short weeks we will be moving house .... So as today was a rainy day .... The great sewing room pack up has begun ....

Lots of big plastic boxes are being filled and labelled ... My goodness I have accumulated a large collection over the years !! 

And in amongst the packing up I found this gem from August 1990 .... Our four little treasures ranging from 3 months to 5 years !