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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coffee Mug Bag

First night back at Embroidery and I left something very important at home! When the time came to enjoy my cup of coffee I realised I had left my stitched coffee mug bag at home which holds one of my favourite mugs. Pockets in the side hold my "special" tea bags (green tea with moroccan mint). Nice little stitched patterns around the outside too! It is now in my basket ready for stitching in the morning!
Fiona x
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  1. That is so cute!

    The green tea with Moroccan mint sounds good too.

    I'm an Earl Grey kind of girl, but I've been spreading my wings this year and trying different flavors of tea.

  2. I found your blog tonight and I'm so glad that I did. Your work is really lovely.

  3. What a nice idea, Fiona. So much nicer having your own mug and such a lovely mug bag!


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