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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ladies at Work!

Here are some my stitching ladies hard at work! Lots of wonderful friendships have been made through stitching and my ladies are no exception! Quite a lot of chatting goes on and not always lots of stitching but it doesn't really matter!
Fiona x
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  1. Sometimes our stitching group gets a little chatty too. Then not much stitching gets done either. But we DO have fun. I am fortunate to have a group for each -- one for knitting and one for cross stitch.

    Your group looks like a bunch of VERY nice ladies.

  2. Hi Fiona, It's Paula (Jacks mum) from Tuesday night, just letting you know Jack and I had a great time, and we love the blog... Its great that you have pics up for the next project, I was trying to remember how it looked to bring the right fabric along. Anyway, see you next week.
    PS. I finished my scissor keeper in pinks, a pic will be on my blog that I started today. :)


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