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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Swimming in the Waterhole

Late yesterday afternoon, we drove inland about 40 minutes from where we live to a friend's farm. It was very hot, and with fires raging over the mountains, we wandered down to their waterhole for a swim. Their border collie dog, Harry, decided he wanted to cool off before us! We had a refreshing swim in the waterhole and then a beautiful barbecue for dinner with a glass or two of wine! So black out there with no lights - the stars sparkled like you wouldn't believe! A nice way to spend a Saturday evening!
Fiona x
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  1. What a lovely setting. Must have been so refreshing swimming here.

  2. Sounds wonderful!

    Are you experiencing wildfires? We have had some by us this year. Smelly! Hopefully we'll get some rain.

    Do you have to worry about alligators in your watering holes? That's always a consideration here. I haven't seen any in our lake, but that doesn't mean they aren't there.


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