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Love that God blessed me with a creative gift to share! Love creating new embroidery, needlework and patchwork projects of all kinds! Passionate about my family and my faith. Love where we live on the south coast! Wish I had more time to be creative!!

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"She who sews with courtesy reaps friendship and she who sews with kindness finds love"

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Setting out the Raffle Quilt

Almost all the blocks have been completed and this week we lay out the embroidered squares onto the lovely green and cream background fabric - just to get an idea. And then on Wednesday morning, we started stitching them together. I have today purchased some mottled green fabric to border the quilt in and will get on to that next week! The wonderful thing is that we have had such a great response with these squares that we have enough to make two quilts! Well done to the Needlework ladies!
I am off to Canberra tomorrow for the wedding of Sylvia's daughter who I have known since the day she was born (24 years ago) so that is very exciting! Looking forward to that!
Fiona x
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  1. Looking forward to seeing you too Fiona. Feeling very relaxed as I think everything is ready for the big day!
    The quilt is going to look fantastic.

  2. Hi Fiona,
    hoping to leave a comment this time because I keep mucking it up! I am glad you enjoyed my book, and I am enjoying your site, and your beautiful, inttricate work.
    All best,
    Myfanwy Jones

  3. p.s. oops! please excuse typos!

  4. I think I have just fallen in love with that stitching and all the colors.

  5. Thanks for your comments Myfanwy! I have finished the book and thoroughly enjoyed it. My friend has just left for Vietnam with the book in her hand luggage for reading on the plane! Do you have any others??

  6. Hi Fiona,
    I'm working on a game of Parlour Games for Modern Families - a revival of sorts! And also another novel.
    Enjoy the stitching. I am inspired to start knitting again.


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