Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Claudia and her Mum!

Claudia has bought along these beautiful stitcheries which she and her mother have stitched, having bought the traced linens in Germany many years ago.
These gorgeous Easter linen cloths are apparently a German tradition - each one is stitched and only bought out at Easter to place on the table to display Easter goodies!
How beautiful are these tiny chickens? The embroidery is beautiful and the cloths are so bright and colourful!
Perhaps this would be a lovely Australian tradition also! Beautifully stitched Claudia (and your mum) - what lovely family heirlooms these will become!
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  1. They are so lovely and the stitching is beautiful.

  2. oh so so beautiful Fiona, this would make a lovely cloth at any time of the year, but I can so imagine it being used at Easter time!!


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