Saturday, September 26, 2009

More of Stitching on the Bay

Lunch at our Stitching on the Bay day was beautiful frittatas with salad - all plated up here on the table and ready to eat! Yum!

And following lunch we enjoyed lovely little cups of fresh fruit salad! I had to post pictures of food so Sylvia could see what we ate! We missed you today Sylvia!

Lyn and Ros had these beautiful matching lanyards to hold their scissors close and handy! They were really gorgeous and very practical - well done ladies!

And here are Sheila and Ann enjoying a quiet moment together - which is what it is all about! Friendships, food and a little bit of stitching!


  1. The food looks so good!Everyone looked like they were having a lovely time. So glad it went so well. Thanks for posting the photos.

  2. Thanks to everybody for a fantastic day and yes, our table was quite chatting and entertaining!

  3. Thanks Fiona for a wonderful day..if only every day could be a stitching day..sigh....


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