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Monday, January 18, 2010

1 Year Blogging Anniversary

Having spent the weekend away in Sydney helping our eldest son move into his newly purchased apartment, and helping our youngest daughter (19) move in with him to start university shortly, I have only just realised it is one year today since I started my blog! What started as a hobby and a vehicle to keep in touch with my Needlework ladies, has become a fun way of keeping a journal of creativity, family milestones, and friendships!

Most of you will know that we live by the beach on the beautiful south coast of New South Wales so I thought I would share some photos of our beaches to celebrate this 1 year anniversary. After all, the seed was planted after a discussion on our beach with my good friend Sylvia!

As you can see, the rock pools and shells and sea life provide an endless source of wonder and beauty and not a day goes by that we don't walk around the beaches and headlands near us and are thankful for this pristine area in which live. Thank you all for sharing the last twelve months with me - long may the journey continue!


  1. Congratulations on one year of blogging! It is such fun. I remember that lovely visit to the coast last year.

  2. Beautiful beach and a beautiful sewing room on your second anniversary! I have only been blogging four months now, and it has been a learning and a fun experience...It looks like you and Sylvia are good friends....good friends are so much fun to find....HOpe you have a great third year of blogging!
    It will be my first year!
    Hearts to you,


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