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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Inspiration for 2010!

We had a beautiful meal with our good friends Pete and Anne last night at the local vineyard! It was a Greek theme and the food and wine was superb! We sat out on the deck (shown in the previous posting) and there were about 26 guests for dinner! It was a balmy summer evening and just a superb way to end a busy week! So today I have been working on projects for this coming season of Needlework. As I looked back over the projects we completed in 2009 I think the ladies will have been happy with some of the things they have achieved! These are just some of them!

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  1. Beautiful work! Cross stitching is one of my first loves....I have learned to do so many new things since I started at 16, but I always am working on some kind of cross stitch...well, thinking about working on some kind of cross stitch? LOL.....this makes me want to do a post about my love for Cross stitch. I have only a few things in my home that I actually made. Most of what I made was for gifts. I thought I might take pictures of them all, but that didn't happen. I probaly only have possibly three things in my home...and I have stitched hundreds of items. When my mother passed away almost 4 years ago, my father passed away 20 years ago this month, I got back all the things I had stitched for her and my father. I now have at least 6 more things in my home that I stitched for them. And I love that I can see them and think of my parents and the love they had for me. Thanks for the inspiration to remenisce...I have such fond memories of them....
    Hearts to you,


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