Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Day Book Journal

It is a couple of weeks since I last posted "My Day Book Journal" ..... .. so here is an update!

Outside my window ........ I can smell the freshly cut grass my husband is mowing!

I am thinking ....... I love a sunny day!

I am thankful for ...... the little things in life that matter the most!

I am wearing .... shorts and a t-shirt and no shoes (I love no shoes)!

I am loving .... that it is Saturday and I am getting chores done!

I am stitching .... the finishing touches on my embroidered bag for this week!

I am hoping ... to find a bit more time to finish off some unfinished projects!

I am drooling over .... a couple of lovely new books which have arrived in the mail!

I am seriously tempted to ..... start another project before I have finished off the last!

I am hearing .... Hillsong CD - "Shout to the Lord" and loving it!

I am reading .... "Look What God is Doing" by Dick Eastman

On my mind .... are the children we spent last week with in the Solomon Islands - so gorgeous!

From my picture journal .... is a photo from the Solomons! My favourite girls - Rosemary, Shannon and Ruby!

Craft in the Solomon Islands

I did manage to find some beautiful crafty items in the Solomons! Here are some "billums" hanging out ready for sale. Traditionally made in Papua New Guinea by the women, everyone carries these in the Solomons and PNG for shopping, market produce, babies - anything and everything really!

The ladies love sitting around and crocheting these billums which can be made from natural fibres or wool.

This cover was over our table one day - the Sisters of Melanesia made us a special lunch one day and used this table cover. The cross stitching was beautiful and very old the Sisters told me.

More billums hanging in the trees - what a lovely shop this was!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Fantastic Solomons Mission Trip

I have been away for a week on another mission trip to the Solomons Islands with David and another fellow from our church. We are trying to get water to a village and a kindergarten into the village and our trip has been one of planning and organising meetings with the relevant departments in the Solomon Islands. We have had a fantastic time again over there and here are a couple of photos! As we walked down into the Koa Valley, this was the view!

Trekking into the village always brings lots of excitement and helpers!

The children are my weakness and this is Helen's baby who is just the cutest!

And some of the children of the village were very excited when the water tank was rolled across the river and into it's final resting place beside the church! We had lots of hours of fun with them all as they "helped" us put the guttering and piping up for the tank and then finally installed the tank! It was such an exciting time for them and us! (Absolutely no embroidery has been done for the past week!! I must now get back into it!!)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Assortment of Styles!

There is such a diversity of stitching styles in our Needlework Group. A few of the ladies bought along some finished pieces on Wednesday to show. This very clever framed cross stitch was made by Jean for her son in law and is a replica of his sports car which he has done up - complete with his initials for the number plate! It looks great Jean!

And Claire's friend gave her this beautiful silk pear with a simply gorgeous embroidered leaf. Very beautiful!

And the very talented Jennifer made her friend Shirley a fabulous wild pincushion with her name on it "just because"! She is pretty "out there" (the pincushion not Shirley) but just fantastic and full of character! Great work ladies!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Day Book Journal

I am inspired by Natalie's blog Cinderberry Stitches and her lovely idea to incorporate a day book journal into her week. I will try ... but sometimes I may not get to do it every week! But here we go ....

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Outside my window ..... there are rainbow lorrikeets making lots of noise in the native bushes!

I am thinking .... whether it will rain before we get to barbecue for dinner!

I am thankful for ... the safe return from overseas of our youngest daughter!

I am wearing .... shorts and t-shirt because it is very hot and humid!

I am loving .... Wednesday afternoon off work, a swim at the beach with my daughter, time to be creative and a cup of peppermint tea!

I am stitching ... the finishing touches on a lovely bag which I will share with you later!

I am hoping .... for more hours in my days to create all I want to create!

I am drooling over .... my basket of threads - I just love all the colours!

I am hearing .... what seems like thousands of lorrikeets (and I can't hear much else!)

I am reading ...."Between me and the River" by Carrie Host (a memoir of living beyond cancer)

On my mind .... are our lovely friends in the Solomon Islands who we will be visiting next week!

From my picture journal .... our last visit to the Solomon Islands on a mission trip with Church in October 2009!

Quilters Raffle Quilt

Some of the ladies from our Needlework Group are also members of the Patchwork and Quilting Group also and this is their beautiful raffle quilt. They are having a big luncheon on March 15th and will be raffling this quilt! Even though I won't be here when the lunch is on, I have bought some tickets and am hoping I get lucky!! The colours are gorgeous and it has been beautifully assembled and stitched. Great job ladies!

This is a close up of the centre panel - it really is a lovely quilt and one I would like to own!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Crazy Patchwork Hanging

A while ago I was playing with these favourite Nancy Halvorsen fabrics and some threads and an artists canvas and............

then it became a crazy patchwork piece of embroidery which I then embellished with a variety of stitches and a few buttons and a charm ..........

and then I stretched it over the small artists canvas which I had and hung it on a wall and this is how it turned out! Next weeks project for my ladies!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Name Tag

This is the name tag I have added to my sewing chatelaine ! I can never seem to find my pin on name tag so if I hang this around my neck I figure I can't lose it!

And a close up showing simple stitching to create a simple name tag! Useful for all those patchwork and needlework meetings we attend where we don't always know everyone! And useful also for hanging your scissors on or your glasses or ...... whatever you always lose!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wishing I was back here ....

On this rainy Saturday, as I'm sitting inside being creative, I'm pretty much wishing I was back here .....

On Tavarua Island in Fiji!! Aren't the colours fantastic? Those chairs are just calling for me and my book to come back for a visit!! And this beautiful water is telling me I really should be snorkelling instead of being inside creating new bits and pieces!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Our Newest Raffle Quilt

What a great response we have had to our "homework" over Christmas! Our first week back at Needlework saw over 30 embroidered squares returned! Over the next couple of months we will put these (and more hopefully) together into a quilt to raffle, the proceeds of which will be donated to a local worthy cause! These lovely basket of flower designs have all been stitched beautifully as you can see!

A close-up of one of the designs! These should look fantastic when we put them all together! The lucky recipient will be happy and the local charity will also be very happy! Well done ladies!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Back at Needlework!

How nice it was to be back at Needlework with the ladies again last night and this morning! There was lots of chatter and catching up with everyone after their holiday break! Some of the ladies have been very productive (not me!!) and here are some lovely hussifs which Elaine has made - two completed and another a work in progress! They are really gorgeous!

This is a little blurry (but you get the general idea!). Jenni has made this simply adorable bear quilt for her niece! Lucky girl!

And awaiting the ladies, tied up with a big red bow, is our new Bernina sewing machine! We'll have a little play with it over the next few weeks and see what we can come up with!

Welcome back ladies!