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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Fantastic Solomons Mission Trip

I have been away for a week on another mission trip to the Solomons Islands with David and another fellow from our church. We are trying to get water to a village and a kindergarten into the village and our trip has been one of planning and organising meetings with the relevant departments in the Solomon Islands. We have had a fantastic time again over there and here are a couple of photos! As we walked down into the Koa Valley, this was the view!

Trekking into the village always brings lots of excitement and helpers!

The children are my weakness and this is Helen's baby who is just the cutest!

And some of the children of the village were very excited when the water tank was rolled across the river and into it's final resting place beside the church! We had lots of hours of fun with them all as they "helped" us put the guttering and piping up for the tank and then finally installed the tank! It was such an exciting time for them and us! (Absolutely no embroidery has been done for the past week!! I must now get back into it!!)

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