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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kits for Stitching on the Lake

Busy busy here tonight packing up all the kits to transport to Canberra for the Stitching on the Lake and Queanbeyan Stitching Days this weekend! It's always fun to make up the kits and get everything organised so that when the days finally arrive we have a great time! Here are some of the many felt work kits for the day!

And just a few of the canvas work kits!

And finally the stitcher's cone kits! Lots of hard work goes into these stitching days by Sylvia and I, but the reward at the end is the great day we have with the ladies and the good friends we have met along the way! Happy Stitching!!


  1. would be lovely to stitch by the lake...........

  2. Fiona, I never received your give-away. Don't worry about it if you haven't got round to sending it, just didn't want you to think I'd not acknowledged it if you have sent it.


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