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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bag, Pincushion and Embroidery

Lynne has now completed this beautiful bag designed by Sue Spargo. The colours are fantastic and the finished article is just gorgeous! As we both bought this kit at the same time and she has now finished, I am really inspired to finish mine off because I think it is just divine! The tree and flowers are felt and the rest is patterned fabrics - and it just fits an A4 magazine size nicely! Beautiful finish Lynne!

She has been very very productive lately and this is a close up of a little pincushion she has finished off too! Again, I bought the pattern at about the same time and she has finished and I haven't, so I'm inspired again!

This morning at Needlework Ethel showed us this beautiful embroidered letter "A" which she has finished for a special birthday coming up. She bought the jewellery box locally and her husband painted and stained it. It will really be a beautiful gift Ethel! I'm sure the recipient will be absolutely delighted!

How beautiful is this? As my husband returned home from a quick trip to the Solomons in the middle of the night last night, I checked us into a local motel for the night, rather than drive the 1/2 hour home and then back again early this morning. And this was the view from our window when we woke up today! Just glorious!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Has Anyone Received This Yet??

Today I am wondering whether anyone has received this yet as part of a small exchange? I sent it a month ago to almost the other side of the world and I haven't heard whether it has been received yet! Anyone??

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Craft Fair Purchases

I had a nice couple of hours at the Craft Fair in Sydney the weekend before last and I don't have much to show for my time spent wandering, although I did have a nice long look at all the quilts in the Quilt Show. I did buy some lovely wool felt from Hatched and Patched, together with a cute pattern and Anni Downs new book called "In the Life of a Bag" - as a bit of a bag lady this certainly took my fancy!

This is a lovely bag pattern from the book which I really like the look of and think it won't take too long to make - or will it?

And I loved the quilt and the stitched sentiments in this new "From the Heart" book by Natalie Bird. This will probably be another something to add to the collection to things to do when I retire - one day!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Miniature Teddy Bear & Canvas Work

My Needlework girls will be happy that I have finally sewn the arms and legs onto this tiny teddy bear we are doing this week so they can have a sneak preview! She found a lovely spot to sit in a grevillea bush in my garden so I could photograph her!

Another little snippet of canvas work which I have been finishing off - I need to find the rest of the variegated thread to sew it together! I will hopefully put my hands on the wayward skein of thread later this afternoon. Then I really must get back to my "Gardener's Journal" Quilt. My next square needs to be finished by the end of June!!

And a photo of my lovely knitted cardigan I bought at the Craft Fair in Sydney last weekend. This photo for some reason does not do the colour justice - it is a beautiful green - but the knitting is superb and it is a design by Claire Patterson. She also sells at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra for those of you who live there! It is so warm and so lovely and I didn't even have to knit a stitch!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Morning Walk & Finished Stitching

This is where I walk each morning. My morning walk this morning was washed out as the rain started to come down - it was beautiful out early!

The waves lapping on the shore!

Another finished pincushion - same as one I made a while ago - I love this DMC variegated thread - it creates a lovely finish!

And a new pinkeep because my old one which I carry around in my little bag is very well worn! I like doing little pieces of hardanger! The colour is not so good in this photo but it is actually a pale green!

Friday, June 25, 2010

How Cute is This Quilt??

This was a really cute quilt I saw at the Quilt Show in Sydney last weekend. It had been made by the Year 6 students from Mowbray Public School and was such a lovely idea!

This shows the whole quilt and apparently the whole school of Mowbray Public School!

The quilting was beautiful!

And here are close-ups of all the "children" on the quilt depicting all the children who attend the School (I hope I have that right)! It is such a great idea - I have some friends who are school teachers who would love this idea! Maree???

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Day Book Journal June 2010

It has been quite a while since my last Day Book Journal Entry (May to be precise) so I am not doing too well at doing a weekly journal - so perhaps even just a monthly journal might be possible! So here we go for June 2010 -

Outside my window .... it is raining heavily, the tanks are overflowing, and the rain on the roof sounds wonderful!

I am thinking .... it's getting colder and later and the bed is warm!

I am thankful for ... no blackout tonight so that is why the bed is warm! Thankyou to whoever invented electric blankets for winter!

I am wearing ... lambswool slippers and a polar fleece and track pants - and I'm still cold!

I am loving .... the sound of the rain on the roof!

I am stitching .... a tiny bear together and trying to finish my "Gardeners Journal" block before the end of June!

I am hoping .... for a quick recovery from my knee surgery in a few weeks time!

I am drooling over ... a couple of purchases I made at the Sydney Craft Fair, although I am not being tempted to start anything new until I have finished a couple of other projects!

I am sorely tempted by ..... the beautiful threads I saw at the Craft Fair - I am told I can shop online!

I am hearing .... the rain again!

I am reading ..."In the Arms of Angels" - memoirs of a medical volunteer, Bali, October 2002 by Kim A Patra - simply amazing!

On my mind ..... is my family, as always! May God keep them safe and well at all times!

From my picture journal ..... a collage of special family moments over the past few months - shopping in Kathmandu, Nepal, visiting our son in Western Australia, family dinner ( minus 1), a seafood banquet for our son, followed by a surf ... all treasured moments!

More Finished Projects

Some more beautiful finished projects were shown on Wednesday at Needlework. The colours in this lovely canvas work humbug stitched by Ethel are gorgeous! And she has another one on the go!

Julie has finished off our notebook cover from the Stitching Day. She made it a bit larger to cover a larger notebook! Lovely colours Julie!

Same project - different colour scheme! This is Sue's little notebook cover with her other sewing accessories - pincushion and large scissor holder! I see a colour theme here!

And Sue also finished off her small tote we made a couple of weeks ago in shades of mauve! They are all great finishes ladies! Well done!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finished Projects

Some of the Wednesday ladies had some beautifully finished items last week. And here is Julie's folder cover from the Stitching Day! Great colours and her folder is already inside filled with all her patterns!

A few of the ladies are knitting and sewing together small jumpers and beanies to be taken to Korea to an orphanage - here are a couple of them!

Joyce must have really liked making this little doll we made a few weeks ago - she has made four and more are coming I believe. They are going into small boxes for Samaritan's Purse (Operation Christmas Child) to go to underprivileged children overseas - and Joyce is making lots of little items to go into the boxes!

And Jill has felted her diary cover with fantastic colours and a great finish. It really is gorgeous and Jill is really enjoying her experiments with felting! These are just some of the very creative ladies I get to spend every Wednesday morning with!! Aren't I lucky??

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Creative Quilts and Designs

These are just the last couple of photos taken at the Quilt Show in Sydney. I loved the vibrant colours in this quilt!

And this quilt was absolutely beautiful!

As the mother of a student who did Design and Textiles, Art and Textiles at School, I am always interested to see the creative textile creations of the HSC students. These are a couple which were spectacular!

Absolutely gorgeous!

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Quilt Show Quilts

I'm sharing some more Quilt Show delights for you! I thought this was just exceptional - this was one woman's story of her travels over the past twelve months. As you can see it looks like an old roll of film and the detail was just superb. This was my favourite! And as you can see from the ribbons on the side, it won lots of awards!

A close up view of the quilt above. Again, the stitching and quilting were exquisite!

I loved the colours in this quilt! A great way to use up all your fabrics!

And this is another beautiful quilt! There were so many - I took lots and lots of photos for inspiration! Hope you are inspired!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sydney Quilt Show

Back to Sydney again this weekend and I was very fortunate to fit in a couple of hours at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Show on Saturday afternoon! A little bit of shopping at some of the fabulous stalls and then a browse through the Quilt Show which was spectacular! This Baltimore quilt took my fancy!

A close up of a panel on the Baltimore quilt. The quilting was beautiful and the stitching magnificent!

The Sydney Quilters Guild members have made this beautiful raffle quilt - I bought a couple of tickets and have my fingers crossed waiting for a phone call to tell me I have won ???!!!!

And a close up of a panel on the raffle quilt - again the quilting is beautiful and I really love the earthy tones in this quilt!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lovely Quilts

Some of the Wednesday ladies bought along some finished quilts to show us! This lovely one has been made by Audrey, who has chosen fabulous bright colours for this special quilt!

A close up of a section of Audrey's quilt shows the detail of the lovely quilting by Jenny and the vibrant colours of the quilt!

And Debbie has finished off her version of "Chelsea Bloom" - a favourite of a number of the ladies. Rich mauves and purples with a dash of lime green - just great Debbie!

A close up of Debbie's "Chelsea Bloom" quilt! And it has been beautifully quilted by Debbie herself!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gardeners Journal Block & Sydney

I have just spent five days in Sydney with our daughter on the northern beaches which is why I have been quiet for that time! I have now sewn together my Block A in the Gardener's Journal quilt which I am stitching. Here is the finished block. I cut the potting shed square a little short and cut off the bottom of the pot and potting table - but not to worry!!

I loved stitching this lady potting her plants!

And while I was in Sydney, we managed a walk each morning along the beach and around the rock pool! It was pretty chilly so no-one was swimming!

And then our walk took us up around the Long Reef Golf Course with a spectacular view out to sea. No whales in sight, although they have been reported in the past few days!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sewing Wallet

This is a sewing wallet I have finished off ready to be put to good use! I have used the lovely Rural Jardin fabrics and the flowers are Anni Downs. And .... "friends really are the flowers in life's garden"!!

I don't think my camera does justice to the beautiful red in these Rural Jardin fabrics - they are some of my favourites at the moment! I have used the floral for my lining!

And I really love that things that were old become new again! I remember this great big ric rac braid from when I was little - my mother used to sew dresses for all five girls in our family and there always seemed to be this big ric rac braid somewhere! It brings back memories!