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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bag, Pincushion and Embroidery

Lynne has now completed this beautiful bag designed by Sue Spargo. The colours are fantastic and the finished article is just gorgeous! As we both bought this kit at the same time and she has now finished, I am really inspired to finish mine off because I think it is just divine! The tree and flowers are felt and the rest is patterned fabrics - and it just fits an A4 magazine size nicely! Beautiful finish Lynne!

She has been very very productive lately and this is a close up of a little pincushion she has finished off too! Again, I bought the pattern at about the same time and she has finished and I haven't, so I'm inspired again!

This morning at Needlework Ethel showed us this beautiful embroidered letter "A" which she has finished for a special birthday coming up. She bought the jewellery box locally and her husband painted and stained it. It will really be a beautiful gift Ethel! I'm sure the recipient will be absolutely delighted!

How beautiful is this? As my husband returned home from a quick trip to the Solomons in the middle of the night last night, I checked us into a local motel for the night, rather than drive the 1/2 hour home and then back again early this morning. And this was the view from our window when we woke up today! Just glorious!

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  1. Hi Fiona
    That embroidered letter A is awesome. This is probably my favorite of all needlework to do.
    My first g-daughter arrived 3 months ago and her name is Alia, that gives me an idea...Where did the pattern come from or is it someone's creative side (jealous I am).
    very nice bag and pincushion also, love anything stitchy related...
    your view outside the window is beautiful. I am on a lake and the sunrises are spectacular....


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