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Friday, July 9, 2010

More Scissor Keepers/Fobs

Continuing along the lines of the previous post - here are some more scissor keepers/fobs! One of my followers has pointed out they call them "fobs" in the States - we do here also! This is stitched with Appletons crewel wool and is the keeper/fob for my Clover thread cutter which you can see hanging sideways over the grevillea plant! This comes travelling with me always because I don't want to lose my tiny scissors to the security check at the airports!

I love the colours in this fob! I have used some variegated DMC threads for this fob and added beads and a tassel and this hangs on yet another pair of pretty embroidery scissors!

This was a recently made brightly coloured fob which I made as a humbug and attached to a very bright pink pair of scissors - I'll never lose either of these - they are so bright!

And this is my good pair of scallop scissors and as I don't want to ever lose these (they were quite expensive) I have attached a large scissor clown which I made years ago! This scissor clown has some lavender inside also so the scent is lovely too!


  1. I love them all fobs and scissors. I enjoy seeing all the beautiful flowers also. That clown is too cute!

  2. You have a beautiful garden and your scissor fobs are wonderful!

  3. The fobs are wonderful! Nice collection!

  4. What a nice collection of scissor fobs, Fiona. I especially love the clown--he just makes me smile :)

  5. They are all really sweet!!!

  6. They are all so pretty and such beautiful colors!

  7. I just found your blog!!
    What the great pictures of your beautifull stitchings!!
    I am a Christian too and mother of two teenagers,I live in Finland.
    I just became your follower..really great blog you have!!
    With Blessings,
    Lumiruusu=( "The Snow Rose")

  8. I have so enjoyed seeing all your beautiful scissors fobs. I think I may have to try making some. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. how do you make the beaded tassle one..........I have one and I would like another on but I have no idea who you do the tassle bit...........I love the fobs on my scissors.........less likely to lose them with a bit more to look for.........

  10. Love the clown, how cute is that!

  11. I love your scissor fobs, they are very pretty and unique


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