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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Day Book Journal

I thought it was time I posted another Day Book Journal as my plan to do so weekly has gone by the by! And so today ....

Outside my window...... the sun is coming up - it has been raining overnight and everything is crisp and clear (and cold!!)

I am thinking ..... about how lovely it will be to get together with my Needlework ladies tonight and tomorrow as we have just had a two week break!

I am thankful for ..... an electric blanket on these cold nights!

I am wearing ..... pants, shirt, jumper and boots - I'm off to work today!

I am loving ..... getting my basket organised for Needlework and getting some projects organised for later this week when I have to put my knee up for five days after surgery!

I am stitching .... my Gardener's Journal blocks interspersed with some canvas work and projects for Needlework! It's good to have a variety of things going!

I am hoping ...... for a pain free quick recovery from my knee operation!

I am drooling over ..... the lovely patterns I received in the mail the other day from Drawn Thread!

I am seriously tempted by ........ more lovely patterns from the Drawn Thread!

I am hearing ...... peace and quiet - I am the only one here at the moment!

I am reading ...... "Xinran - Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother" - the untold story of Chinese mothers who have lost their daughters - simply an amazing read!

On my mind ..... I have one day, today, to finish lots of work before I have a week off for surgery! Not sure how I'm going to fit it all in today!

From my picture journal .... this is the canvas work Christmas starry night decoration we will be stitching tonight and tomorrow at Needlework!

And I snapped this photo of my husband reading my Blogging Journal Book when it arrived last week - I think he just wanted to see how many times he was mentioned!! Have a great day everyone and thanks for being patient and reading my Day Book Journal for today!


  1. So lovely to read your daybook journal. Have a lovely time at stitching and hope all goes well with the surgery on Thursday.

  2. Knee surgery.............I'm sure you'll fly through the op and recovery, hope it's a great sucess.

  3. Best wishes for the surgery, Fiona, I feel it might be in my future too.....!

  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and a picture of your beautiful and festive Christmas decoration. Your husband looks like he is enjoying your journal!

  5. Best wishes for the surgery and for a speedy recovery too

  6. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Fiona.Also best wishes for the surgery....

  7. I love the home sweet home ornament you made and the bee hive pincushion too. I enjoyed reading your Day Book Journal entry today. Good luck with your surgery.

  8. Thanks for sharing your journal today, hope your surgery goes well.


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