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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Day Book Journal

Because I am at home and because I have the time at the moment ..... here is another Day Book Journal !!

Outside my window ..... it is pouring with rain and quite cold! There are kangaroos in my back yard standing in the pouring rain eating the grass!

I am thinking .... how lovely the sound of rain on the roof is!

I am thankful for ...... my lovely family who have looked after me since my knee surgery last week - particularly my sister Wendy (retired Intensive Care Sister) and my daughters, Ash and Chelsea, and of course my husband, David! And also all those who have sent flowers, good wishes, food and loving thoughts over the past week! Thankyou all!

I am wearing ..... now this is a picture ... track pants, polar fleece top and my warm sheepskin slippers! I'm comfortable and warm!

I am loving .... the fact that it is getting easier to walk and my exercises are becoming easier to do!

I am stitching .... my "Gardener's Journal" blocks because I want to have another one finished by the end of July - not long to go!

I am hoping .... that I can drive a car in the next few days so I can get back to work and back to some form of normality!

I am drooling over .... all the things in my Craft Basket which I haven't got to yet but which I hope to get to in the very near future!

I am sorely tempted by ...... the box of chocolates in the cupboard which someone kindly gave me to assist in the recovery process! I have so far not been tempted but could be if I have to stay at home for another day or two!

I am hearing ...... "Hillsong United" CD in the background and loving their wonderful Christian music!

I am reading ..... The Lonely Plant Guide to Italy !!! Now I wonder why that could be!!

On my mind ..... are all the people who have serious illnesses who are bedridden and cannot leave their houses - it has only been six days for me and I'm over it already!

From my picture journal ...... my sister Wendy and I celebrating a significant birthday for me (and a great surprise by our respective husbands) last year in Vanuatu! Pretty sure they are non-alcoholic cocktails .... but then again ..... maybe not! With the cold weather and rain here today, I would love to be back there enjoying the warmth and sand between my toes! But particularly I want to thank Wendy for coming down and looking after me (and making me do my exercises!!)


  1. Dear Fiona I will send you some warm and sunny weather, we've got plenty to share those days...
    Hugs from a sunny Amsterdam
    Ps say hello to the kangaroos....wow we only have cats,dogs and pigeons hahahah

  2. What a lovely photo of you and Wendy. It looks so warm there. Its certainly cold here too Fiona, going towards -2deg tonight-yippee!!
    I can't imagine looking out and seeing kangaroos in my backyard, what a laugh. I love all of your embroidery work, its very beautiful.

  3. Sounds like all is well - God Bless ;)

  4. The perfect picture for a miserable day as today was...rain, rain and more rain.

    Rest up and get the leg better soon

  5. Glad to hear things are continuing to improve~~~ Awesome photo!! Enjoy your day, Faye

  6. Hi, Fiona - thanks for visiting my blog - it's always nice to meet another Australia. I'm adding your blog to my reader.

    I see you live on the southern NSW coast - I went to high school in Canberra, so often visited the south coast - love that area - it's pretty without being too commercialized.

  7. It is great to have a sister whom is an ex-sister (nurse) and keeps you going with your recovery
    do be careful with the idea of driving a car, it takes more strength that you may think...
    My darling husband drove far too early after surgery and opened his wound and ....infection settle in...so, be mindful
    glad to know that you are getting and also happy to see your have others in your mind that are bedridden or house bound due to illness
    looking forward to see you well soon, so i can join at stitching at BB

  8. A lovely picture.
    So pleased its all over and you are on the mend. Beautiful flowers you have received and lovely little finishes you have managed to achieved whilst being a good girl and resting plenty.

    Hope you continue to improve with each day and will soon be up and about without any pain

  9. Glad to hear you're well on the road to recovery!

  10. don't rush back to it all too quick........enjoy your GJ stitching.....


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