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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Needlework Projects

These are a couple of the projects we will be working on over the next few weeks at Needlework! This very handy Journal Cover has all your favourite needlework items stitched onto the front and is a nice covering for a journal or diary! This is one of my good friend Sylvia's designs which she has kindly lent me for this semester's stitching projects!

And another of Sylvia's designs - this cute little felt beehive pincushion - pretty simple to stitch and assemble - a great idea!

Although this isn't a Needlework project, it is one I made a while ago and had lent it to Sylvia so she could teach it in Canberra and she returned it to me the other day! I love the colours in this little hanging - all soft, muted tones of lavender and green! And I'm particularly liking the bright yellow grevillea bush which is flowering abundantly in my garden at the moment and which adds a dash of bright colour to my photos!


  1. Fiona I love the stitching journal. I'm not that good with stitching I need to do it more often.The beehive is great as is your Home Sweet Home.

  2. Darling stitches!!I absolutely LOVE the stitching journal...Thanks for sharing and thanks again for all your kind comments on my blog...Faye

  3. What a nice idea for a stitching journal. Great work.

  4. Love bees and love pincushions! Thanks for sharing!

  5. What lovely projects! The bee pincushion is so cute!

  6. Wow Fiona, beautifful blog and beautiful works, Very pretty.

  7. I love them all :) Especially journal cover - it looks so nice!

    Best wishes,


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