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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Firstly a very big thankyou to everyone for their good wishes for a speedy and painless recovery! I have received lots of lovely emails and comments from so many of you and it has been so nice of you all to be thinking of me - so thankyou! Your prayers are appreciated also! The operation went well and I spent most of yesterday sleeping off the anaesthetic on the lounge - not a great deal was achieved! I have received some beautiful flowers too! Today I have been more productive - doing my stretching exercises and resting my leg - but have managed to stitch together this little canvas pincushion which I made a little while ago and which just needed to be stitched together and filled! I "planted" it into the arrangement of flowers that the girls from work sent - I think it looks nice sitting amongst the gerberas!

I also managed to stitch the blanket stitch around this little Christmas Tree which is being made into a cushion for Needlework in a couple of weeks time! Nothing too taxing here!!

These are the beautiful flowers the girls from work sent - so bright and beautiful and the scent from one of these is just gorgeous!

And I had a lovely visit from some of my special "sewing" friends this morning - Maree, Karen and Lynda and they bought morning tea and this lovely cyclamen plant which is also gorgeous! So you can see I have been spoilt (my sister has come down to help me out - she's a retired Intensive Care Sister - so she's bossy and makes me do my exercises) and my eldest daughter and her boyfriend have come to visit for a couple of days and David is now back from his case in Sydney - so I have a house full of people running around after me and spoiling me which is nice! Thanks again for all your good wishes and prayers - I really appreciate each and every one and will hopefully get to respond to each of you personally! Thankyou!


  1. Good for bossy sister lol as I've heard that it's much more of a breeze if you do your exercises and NOT such a quick recovery if you don't! Love the little pincushion, very pretty!

  2. Sso glad to hear all went well Fiona!!! Lovely little pin cushion tucked in there with the boquet...so good to have caring people around you at this time...Hope to see you up and about soon...Dzintra♥x

  3. I'm so happy to hear that the surgery went well and that you're getting thoroughly spoiled while recuperating. What a nice group of friends you have, Fiona! Keep up with the exercises and you'll be as good as new in no time :)

  4. Keep those exercises going and soon you will be back better than before....Glad to hear things went well.... take care of yourself, Faye

  5. I'm glad to hear your surgery went well! Your flowers are just gorgeous! Very thoughtful of your workplace to send them to you. It's great that you have caring friends and family around. :)

    PS: I absolutely love your pincushion! :)

  6. For every stitch you cross, regeneration is making progress, so stitch away and you'll be on your feet in no time. So very glad to read that everything went well and my goodness you have wonderful friends.
    Be always in stitches.

  7. I hope your knee is starting to feel much better!!!! Lots of good thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.

    Gorgeous flowers, tree and pin cushion too.

  8. Glad to hear that you are recuperating well, and your projects are as beautiful as always!

  9. Good to hear the operation went well...and as foor the plants and flowers....well deserved I think.Gorgeous pincushion....

  10. Glad to hear everything went well! May you have lots of stitchy time in your recovery :)

  11. Glad to hear you're surgery went well and that you have lots of people to look after you! You're making great use of your time too!

  12. So glad you are well enough to blog and stitch. Enjoy the time and the pampering by everyone. Thinking of you and hope you are much better soon.

  13. Excellent news re; good recovering from surgery
    I was an intensive care nurse...so, that is why i was bossy in my previous comment and mention to you to do your exercises,etc,etc
    You are so productive!
    i was in hospital on Wednesday myself and i could not even read a book on Thursday
    Lots and lots and lovely to see you have good company and beautiful flowers

  14. Glad to hear that everything went well. Just relax and enjoy all that pampering.
    Beautiful flowers and sweet pinkeep.

  15. Glad to hear you're doing well after your surgery. Lovely finishes, too!

  16. Hello from Michigan, I just read about you having knee surgery. I wish you a speedy recovery. You received some very lovely flowers. Lucky you to have a SISTER or Nurse in my world to help you along.

    Your stitching projects look wonderful

    I notice you had a year of blogging printed out into a book. I just saw that Ati from Norway did this too. I would love to do this too. It is now on my list of thing to do. Hugs Judy


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