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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scissor Fobs & Pincushions

This has to be one of my favourite scissor fobs and scissor keepers! I was lucky enough to receive this very special gift in an exchange from Liz who lives in The Netherlands. The colours are gorgeous and I love that she has put our initials and our countries onto the little scissor fob. This is really very special!

I love anything needlework related, so I have lots of pincushions and needle rolls too! This simple cross stitched needle roll gets a fair bit of use on my sewing table!

This pincushion is canvas work with ribbon which I made a long time ago but which sits in my little basket on my sewing desk. I love the muted colours and this is another favourite! I have lots of favourites!

And one of the many little needlework baskets or boxes which I keep some of my bits and pieces in. This is freehand embroidery which I completed a while ago, but again I love the use of the ribbons to segment the flowers - and all on top of a very cheap $1- basket! I think it's worth more now with the embroidery on top !


  1. Everything is just beautiful, but the gift from Liz and the pincushion with the ribbon - Wow!

  2. Love the scissor pocket you received - do you know what the design is?

    Also love your canvaswork & ribbon pincushion!

  3. Gorgeous stitchig on them all, a wonderful exchange gift, such pretty colours.

  4. Beautiful stitching and finishing.
    Be always in stitches.

  5. Pretty gift from Liz
    Beautiful pieces.
    Gorgeous and very fun blog you have.
    Thanks for leaving a comment so I could find you
    I'll be back

  6. that basket & the stitching is beautiful!!!!!!


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