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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Amalfi Coast

A vaguely sunny photo of Positano on the Amalfi Coast! Unfortunately not long after this was taken, it started pouring with rain and continued for the two days we spent there! We have now had to come home for the sunshine!

This gorgeous tile mural was on the wall on the winding road down into Positano!

This cushion was on a chair I sat on in Tuscany! The embroidery was really beautiful and I found it hard to sit on top of it - but it certainly made the chair more comfortable - and these things are meant to be used!

And here is my mum - the birthday girl and the reason for our trip to Italy - planting herself in a gorgeous garden of flowers in the town of Assisi!

The Lace in Sansepolcro Italy

In my travels I am always on the lookout for "crafty" people! I was not disappointed in the village of Sansepolcro to find the beautiful lace which they make and have done for many many years! This beautiful piece was in a shop window (hence the reflection)!

The lace work was exquisite and very beautiful!

Having started to learn bobbin lacemaking a few years ago, I really appreciated the work and effort which had gone into all the pieces on display.

Some of the coloured pieces were divine - I loved the shop, but unfortunately it wasn't open when we were in the village! Probably just as well!

Glimpses of Tuscany

We are back home from Italy early as my Dad fell ill at home whilst we were away! He's on the mend and due for another operation next week! Just wanted to share a few final Italy photos! Here we are (Beth, me, Wendy, Mum and Robyn) cooling off our weary travelling feet in the pool at the villa and enjoying a beverage!

The garden at the villa was beautiful and this rose was picked by my sister for my mother! Such an exquisite and amazingly scented flower!

A glimpse of Anghiari - the quaint medieval village which was near the villa which we stayed in!

And these fuschia flowers had been rained upon and were just gorgeous! We found them on our way out to dinner one night!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Villa in Tuscany

I thought I would share some photos of where we are now spending some time - at a beautiful villa in Tuscany which is owned by some friends of my brother and his wife. This is the village which is close by. We have enjoyed some fantastic meals in a couple of the little trattorias!

And this is the villa - built in 1647 and renovated in 2003, it is just beautiful! I am truly enjoying "Living under the Tuscan Sun"!! It is so relaxing and peaceful and the countryside surrounding is absolutely picture postcard stuff!

Under the grape vines (which are covered in grapes) we have enjoyed sitting at this table and having some great local breakfasts!

And the view from one of the sunroom windows is just divine!


In Portofino this huge bowl of shells was outside one of the shops - I loved all the colours!

Portofino Harbour where we enjoyed an exceptional al fresco meal of fresh anchovies with the freshest of tomatoes followed by a huge bowl of mussels in a lemon sauce! Yum!

In Santa Marguerita, just around the corner from Portofino, I came across some beautifully embroidered table napkins!

And on arrival in Tuscany, I discovered this beautiful Tuscan favourite - a little warm chocolate cake, oozing with liquid chocolate (this is of course the low calorie version I photographed!!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cinque Terre Italy

Before coming to Tuscany, we spent a few days on the Cinque Terre - five beautiful cliff top towns on the Italian Coast. We walked between three of the towns around the precarious cliff pathway and enjoyed some shopping and eating along the way. These colourful ceramics in Riomaggiore made for a beautiful shop window!

The colours in all the buildings were fabulous even though the weather was cloudy!

Had the sun been shining these houses would have been absolutely beautiful - as it was, they were just stunning on a cloudy day!

And in the distance you can see the pathway below the village which we walked!

Monday, September 20, 2010


In Salzburg we wandered through the Mirrabel Gardens where David and I had wandered 30 years ago!! Here are two of my sisters with me in the middle behind one of the small statues in the gardens!

And here is my mum enjoying all the beautiful flowers and gardens in Salzburg!

And does anyone recognise this as the Sound of Music house from the film? It is now an American university house in Salzburg but was used for filming in the Sound of Music!

And the fortress on the hill overlooking Salzburg (also doubles as the Abbey in the film)!

Venice and Salzburg

Although we are now in Tuscany in a beautiful villa here are a couple of colourful photos of Venice because I really love Venice - although I could really love Tuscany too! All the colourful masks for the carnivale in Venice were on display and looked fantastic!

And the gondola rides in Venice are just beautiful! They wind their way through all the little canals and it is really a special sight!

Bunches of chillies on the fruit barrows in the streets in Venice were like a most wonderful flower arrangement!

And in this beautiful Christmas shop in Salzburg I found some lovely Christmas decorations!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


We have been out of internet contact for the past week or so due to wi fi being down in some of the hotels we have stayed in and lack of time due to having too much fun!! So... a quick snapshot of Venice!! And we absolutely loved the freshest of berries in the market stalls!! Raspberries are my absolute favourite!!

I found some beautiful embroidery in Venice too! It was so delicate and beautiful!

And the view from our lunch in a piazza looking down the Grand Canal was spectacular!
More to follow!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Enjoying Rome

After a very long flight and stops in Bangkok and Zurich, we finally arrived in Rome! Met up with Frances, a friend from home, who is studying Italian here for a few months! We wandered the streets of Rome and visited the Trevi Fountain (to throw some coins in to ensure our return)!!

We enjoyed a variety of flavours of gelatto!

Enjoyed the colourful window displays of ceramics - beautiful platters and bowls - just wanted to take them all home!

And really loved all the artists and their works in the Piazza Navonna!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Where do you think I might be heading off to??? Yes - you guessed it - Italy!!! I leave today for what promises to be a great celebration for my mother's 80th birthday! Two of my sisters and I are taking Mum back to Italy to celebrate! My brother is coming over for a week in the middle of our three week visit! Unfortunately we have another two sisters at home who aren't able to join us this time though.

We plan on immersing ourselves in the culture and enjoying the architecture of the fabulous old buildings!

And of course we plan on visiting the markets and enjoying all the fresh produce!

And of course we will revisit the Trevi Fountain and throw some more coins in (as we did 5 years ago) in the hope that we will return another day! (thanks to the Lonely Planet for these last three photos!!) I hope you will enjoy following our adventures! Ciao!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This is "The Naked Fig" where David and I enjoyed a beautiful lunch overlooking the ocean near Cottesloe WA. It was so relaxing to sit and enjoy the sunshine and the view and the food was exceptional!

We spent Father's Day in a winery in the Swan Valley just out of Perth with Elliott and Andrea and Andrea's parents which was really beautiful!

My dessert at the winery was this beautiful vanilla bean panacotta with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries which was, as you can see, colourful and delicious!

And the view back along the beach near Cottesloe - the water was such a spectacular blue and the sun was shining so it was a lovely way to finish off our few days with our youngest son over there!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tea Towels & Bags

This is my nearly completed bag I started at the Retreat a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I haven't had time to finish it off but will do so soon! I loved the colours in the fabrics and bought a variegated Needleworx thread to match.

I have finished off this Nancy Halvorsen based tea towel - I just love the colours and fabrics she designs and uses!

And Meryl design and made this great golf club cover which she showed us on Wednesday! This would be a great idea for my mum who loves to play golf! I'm off to Western Australia to visit our son for a few days so will hopefully share some photos from over there! Enjoy your weekend - I know I will!