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Friday, September 3, 2010

Tea Towels & Bags

This is my nearly completed bag I started at the Retreat a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately I haven't had time to finish it off but will do so soon! I loved the colours in the fabrics and bought a variegated Needleworx thread to match.

I have finished off this Nancy Halvorsen based tea towel - I just love the colours and fabrics she designs and uses!

And Meryl design and made this great golf club cover which she showed us on Wednesday! This would be a great idea for my mum who loves to play golf! I'm off to Western Australia to visit our son for a few days so will hopefully share some photos from over there! Enjoy your weekend - I know I will!


  1. Wonderful pieces. I love the tea towel.

  2. Your bag is looking lovely and I love your teatowel.

  3. Lovely finishes. I love the bag, it's stunning.

  4. Have a lovely time at WA!
    does shirley W sells her wristwatch pin cushions? they are so so cute!

  5. beautiful!

    have a nice time!


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