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Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Stitching on the Lake" Projects

For some reason my computer wouldn't let me post these three pictures together - so I had to enter them separately! This is the sixth project for our "Stitching on the Lake" days in Canberra over the next two Saturdays! This lovely stitched Christmas Star will brighten up your Christmas!


  1. Your Stitching on the Lake projects are fantastic! I think the star is my favourite.

  2. All your pieces are gorgeous Fiona but I think this one is my favourite.

  3. Absolutly adorable, I just love your finish.

  4. Love the Star. The finish is wonderful and will look great on your tree.

  5. Wow wonderful Fiona, lovely stitchery

  6. Just the name stitching on the lake makes me wish I could be one of the lucky ladies attending.
    Each and every one of the projects you have chosen for them are so lovely.
    My favourites are the star and the pear.

  7. Fantastic Finish - Such a cute pattern ;)


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