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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Sewing Companion

After my post yesterday I have had lots of comments and enquiries about the sewing companion I featured.  It was made by one of the lovely Canberra stitching ladies and it really was lovely.  I thought I would show the embroidered version which I made a couple of years ago!    This one was made with homespun fabric and a wash of paint and embroidered and assembled and tied up with ribbon!

Inside is a cute little pincushion - also embroidered!

When the ribbon is undone and the ties are loosened, the sewing companion falls open and reveals the inside complete with little pockets for scissors and ties for thread!

And lie it out flat on the table and you can see where everything fits!    This is pretty easy to make and assemble if you start with a square and then draw up a triangle (4 times).    Work some embroidery or patchwork for the outside of each of the triangle, line an inner triangle section, adding pockets or ties as you go, and then stitch together carefully, adding some rings at the top for the ribbon to thread through!    Make a cute pincushion and add to the centre.    This is a little bit fiddly to assemble, but a really cute gift or useful idea for a sewing friend!      I'm off to Sydney again this weekend - our eldest son is celebrating his 26th birthday tomorrow (OK - so now I'm feeling fairly old!!) and my sister is celebrating her ....... birthday on Saturday and my sister-in-law was ........ in October - so celebrations will be the order of the day!!    Wherever you are - enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Love the pincushion at the centre :)

  2. These are gorgeous!! I love the hidden surprise within.

  3. Very pretty and so nicely finished!

  4. Fiona yours is just beautiful too. I hope you had as much fun making yours as I did mine. I have also made a square etui with a lid. When the lid is removed the sides fall open to reveal two other boxes which also fall open.

  5. You did a great job Fiona! It is gorgeous!

  6. I like it !!!!!! Very creative finish :)

  7. Such a wonderful and sweet organizer! And I love idea with the ribbon :)

    Best wishes,

  8. It's nice to get another look at the sewing companion and it has reminded me that I really MUST make one in 2011 since you were kind enough to send me the pattern for it.
    I've enjoyed browsing your blog today.
    Lots of lovely things to see.
    I've never tried canvas work but think I would enjoy making one of those cute fobs.
    Your Christmas ornaments are lovely also.



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