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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Canvas Work Floral Scissor Keeper

This is a bit bright isn't it?   This is a brighter version of the Canvas Work Floral Scissor Keeper we are stitching this week at Needlework!  I had this Needleworx variegated thread and thought it would stitch up nicely into a canvas work piece - so here is the end result!   The bright scissors will never get lost in my stitching bag!

The bright version and the blue version - isn't it amazing how different colours create such a different piece of work?  


  1. It's beautiful, Fiona. I love those scissors!

  2. The bright one is so tropical looking, i love it!

  3. They both looks beautiful! And the bright one certainly wouldn't be lost :)

    Best wishes,

  4. Very lovely scissor bobs nice work.

  5. They're both beautiful but I do love the brighter colours! It will look amazing with those scissors.


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