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Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Boxes and Raffle Quilt

I have had a really busy week and no time to blog unfortunately, so I'll try and catch up with some things to show!    Some of the ladies have finished off some great versions of the little Christmas boxes we made a couple of weeks ago at Needlework.    Here are three of them!

What a great use of your old buttons!  Make a Christmas Tree shape!!   How effective does this look?  And also a little bit of gold metallic thread has been added between the buttons which looks great!
Here is our finished raffle quilt called "Floral Abundance" which is being raffled this weekend at the Craft Fair at Sunshine Bay School.  

And a close up of some of the baskets of flowers which look fantastic.   The colour hasn't come out so well in the quilt - it is actually a teal blue/green colour!   Good luck if you have bought tickets in this quilt!


  1. Buttons are always fun! The quilt is beautiful and should bring in plenty of $$$...good luck with it.Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend.....

  2. I love the Christmas box which has a beautiful tree in its lid.

  3. wow..lovely ....i love the christmas box ..

  4. Just love the button tree idea and the quilt is lovely. Hope the quilt raises lots of funds.

  5. I love all the little Christmas boxes, and that quilt is beautiful!

  6. Thank you for the button boxes idea :)
    And your quilt is beautiful!

    Best wishes,


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