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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

What a fabulous surprise arrived in the mail today!!   The Just Cross Stitch "Christmas Ornaments" edition for 2010!   This is one of my favourite times of the year!  I love reading through this magazine and seeing all the beautiful decorations designed by some really special designers.   I like picking out the ones I would like to make (and then I hope I can finish all the ones on my list before Christmas!)  If you haven't seen this and you enjoy cross stitching and hardanger and canvas work etc. etc. you must get a copy!   How many days until Christmas .............

....... And so I went through and picked out a couple I might like to stitch up for friends and for gift giving!  I love the colours and the delicate Christmas bauble on this one!

And this was something a little out of the ordinary and I always love decorations stitching on natural linen!
And I thought this blue and gold ornament was very blingy!!!   Seriously though .... I could stitch nearly all of the designs in this particular edition ......... if only I had time!     I'm busy putting together the final touches for this Saturday's "Stitching on the Bay" day,  so there will be no stitching tonight for me!!   What Christmas decorations are you stitching this year?


  1. I have stitched the ornie from Blackbird designs - posted on my blog if you would like to see it - They have some truly beautiful designs in this magazine - I am trying to collect some copies from previous years - Lots of patterns for the price !!

  2. hey where did you get this.........just at the newsagents??? not that mine are very good.........but when I go away again I could look out for it.......

  3. I have stitched a few...check out my finishes on my blog...great magazine with good selection for everyone.

  4. I can't decide which one I would like to stitch first!

  5. I love to get my ornament issue every year. I love looking through it. There are so many oretty ones this year.I was involved in a kit exchange based on this magazine for quite a few years and I am trying to finish up my kits from previous years. I have been concentrating on finishing right now.
    I can't wait to see what you stitch.

  6. I love this magazine too Fiona. There are so many pretty ornaments. Another gem (you may be familiar with) is the Gift of Stitching online. It's monthly and contains beautiful stitchery.

    The holidays are fast approaching and my time will be divided between preparations and decorating. Stitching will be squeezed in a bit as well though:)

    So many ornaments...so little time!

    Enjoy your new surprise!

  7. I love the ornament issues too. I would like to stitch some from the magazine this year but I have 2 others that take precedence. I'm stitching a couple of M Designs Name Trees for my granddaughters. Hopefully I'll have them finished in time!

  8. Fiona, you don't have to specify which Christmas you're stitching for . . . there's always next year!!!

    Regards, Sue

  9. I have the magazine and am eager to stitch those ornaments too! I just finished the "Happy Skater" by LHN. It was so fun to stitch! Now for the next one :D

    Can't wait to see yours!

  10. It's another lovely issue again this year with so many nice ones, looking forward to seeing which ones you choose to stitch up first


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