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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Day of Colour!!

I decided today was so bright and sunny and cheery that it would be a "day of colour" for me!   I looked inside my Gutterman thread tin searching for a blue cotton I needed to finish off my quilt!   Colours in this tin are fantastic!

On the way down to the beach, these tiny flowers jumped right out of the sand and screamed "take my photo!!"

Sitting on the beach reading the Sunday newspapers was very pleasant - these beach grasses were floating by!  And the water is getting warmer - two swims today!!

And earlier in the morning - like very early!! - we walked along a couple of beaches and had a swim right down the end of one of them - it was a great start to the day!   How was your Sunday?  Colourful??


  1. Oh Fiona, please send your Gutterman threads over to England and pack a little of your lovely sunshine with it ~ it's dreary, rainy, very grey and everything is bare and dull ~ gosh! how depressing does that all sound?
    A good dose of stitching needed I think!!
    Have a lovely sunny Sunday

  2. Sounds like you have had a wonderful Sunday...I am just starting mine here in Arizona USA. It is still dark out and I am ready to start my day with a hot cup of tea and some stitiching...since we are opposite your seasons, we are of course heading to winter...but winter here in AZ is very mild and I usually wear shorts and sandals all year long. The pictures are lovely....thanks for sharing. I would love to ruffle my fingers through all your beautiful thread colors!

  3. I love the picture of your threads! It's so bright and cheery. I remember having beach days like that during our summer. It is a very bright sunny day out here in Eastern Canada, but with a temperature of -6C. I'm just about to head over to my sewing machine and work on some bright colourful projects though, which will certainly brighten up my day. Enjoy your week Fiona!

  4. Lovely colours in your photos, thank you! Here in Scotland it's grey but my calendulas are still producing beautiful bring orange blooms, a bit like your beach flower. I often think a grey day brings certain colours out really well - maybe it's just that we appreciate and notice them more? Heading out to the garden now.

  5. I love your pictures! So pretty! I wish it were as colorful here. But the weather unfortunately is cold, gray and gloomy.

  6. I wish my Sunday was as colourful as yours! It was a bit of a grey day here and the temperature was quite cold. I certainly enjoyed the pic of your beach!


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