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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Embroidery Finishes!

Here are some of the fabulous finishes from the Wednesday stitching ladies!  Shirley has finished off these little Santas which we did about 10 years ago!    Finally as we were covering our little gift boxes (see my last post)  this week, she decided she would glue them onto the tops of the boxes!  They look great Shirley!

Jennifer is doing yet another "Chelsea Bloom" quilt piece for a special friend!  Love the colours Jen!

And Pauline was busy knitting these gorgeous beaded purses and necklaces!  This lovely purse with a silver clasp is a bit blurry, but the beaded knitting is really effective!

This is a lovely little necklace - just hang around your neck, fill with cotton wool and a dash of perfume on the cotton wool, and it apparently smells beautiful and looks good too!     Pauline was knitting another lovely little creation with the jade green beads which you can see in the background!


  1. I remember those star santas.
    I have never seen bead knitting before. It is beautiful

  2. Wonderful Santa boxes - too cute

  3. The Santa boxes are very cute! I have a very similar pattern here from an older magazine.
    The bead knitting on that purse is gorgeous!
    I don't know anyone who does that sort of thing but I sure wish I did!

  4. Super knitted bags, very talented ladies

  5. What a productive group of Wednesday Ladies you have! Thanks for sharing Fiona.

    Regards, Sue.


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