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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Tree & Decorations

Finally yesterday we managed to find some time to head north and buy our beautiful Christmas Tree for this year!  The house smells delicious now - just like a pine forest!     We decorated (in the absence of our children) before we headed out to organise our office Christmas Party last night!  I had to wait until today to take a photo!   If only you could smell photos!

I love decorating the tree and bringing out favourite decorations - new and old.    This is a counted cross stitch decoration "Hope" which I made a couple of years ago!

I was lucky to be invited as an after dinner speaker to a patchwork group last week and fortunately received this lovely decoration in the Kris Kringle swap!   

And this is a favourite from a long long time ago - can you see the date is 1993??   Just below this decoration is another favourite which my sister bought in Montana USA a few years back with all our family names on each Christmas moose.   I love it!    How are you all going with decorating your houses?


  1. Your tree looks lovely, Fiona. Hope you managed to relax this afternoon after such a busy time.

  2. Beautiful tree and all those ornaments are gorgeous. :) Merry Christmas, Fiona.

  3. The smell of fresh cut pine is always wonderful. Thank you for sharing the dinner photos...and the tree.

  4. tree looks wonderful!! Merry Christmas!!

  5. Your tree is so special with all those ornaments. I hope to add some special stitched ones to my tree each year!

    I'm still stitching those angels! Many gifts from the one pattern.

  6. Fiona: Your tree is beautiful, we bought a real tree this year also, the is a tree is cut down two saplings need to be planted so we continue to have trees, it was a cold day when we went to cut our tree.
    Merry Christmas

  7. Oh, such a cute and beautiful Christmas tree! Love all the ornaments!

    Best wishes,

  8. Pretty tree! And such lovely ornaments too!
    I'm afraid I haven't quite gotten to my decorating yet. I've been working a lot of overtime lately and I've been too tired. So I recruited my son whose come up to our place to spend a couple of days and help out. Tuesday is decorating day!

  9. Superb tree and lovely ornaments

    Your Christmas meal looks like a lot of fun, great pics of the Solomon Islands friends visit.


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