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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Another Gardener's Journal Block Finished!

I'm happy to report another quilt block finished for my "Gardener's Journal" quilt.   This is block B and I now only have two left to put together before the quilt top is finished (well almost - there is binding etc. to do still!).

And this block says it all - taking time to "smell the roses" is what I plan on doing in this creative year of 2011!

And the good news is that I could then join blocks A and B together!    Looking forward to having it all finished within the next few days hopefully!   Thanks to the Stitch A Long group and Chookyblue for organising this stitching frenzy!


  1. This just gets cuter and cuter Fiona!!

  2. I love the whimsy of this! If only more people would take the time to smell the roses!

  3. Fiona, this is looking great - so cheery! Very nice indeed.

    Regards, Sue

  4. You're really moving right along on this one! It's looking wonderful.

  5. That is adorable, Fiona! Congratulations!

  6. Love your quilt!
    I will pop in again to see how it's going.

  7. smelling the roses is my favourite stitchery in the the gardener's journal......

  8. May I ask where I can get this pattern. I am in Texas..........

  9. Hi Fiona! I was thrilled to see I had another Follower on my blog...so I went to see your blog, and have become a Follower of you too!! I think your blog is really well set up, and it is very interesting...much more than mine! I got a bit "upset" from something my daughter said to me about photos of her on my blog, and I was having a bad day, so I ended up taking off all the photos of my family. Now I regret it, but I have to check with my girls to see if I am "allowed" to put their photos on my blog again. I love the photo of your 2 girls with their Grandpa..I know we have to be careful about photos and names on blogs, but I didnt see anything wrong with the ones I had on my blog before. Anyway, I dont know how you found me, but I am glad you did! Hopefully my blog will improve when I get some more help soon. Hugs n Blessings from Sue x


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