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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Canvas Work Scissor Fob

As Needlework starts again next week (after a two month holiday break) I thought I should show our first project for the year.   I loved creating this canvas work piece incorporating ribbons into the design.    For the ladies who will be stitching - the colours I have used are DMC colours - 223, 224, 3012, 3013 and ecru.   I have used 3mm ribbon.     And can you see the dolphins on the thimble?   This thimble was given to me by a stitching friend a couple of years ago and it sets on my sewing room shelf reminding me of how beautiful the dolphins are (and that I should be at the beach swimming with them and not sewing!)

And this is the back of the scissor fob!
And yesterday - Australia Day - we did manage an hour or two at the beach!    Here is Claudia (Tim's dog) who sat with me while David surfed on his new surfboard!

Although there wasn't much surf, the water was a gorgeous colour and a nice temperature for the surfers who were out (and for those of us who ventured in for a swim!)


  1. Your scissor fob is beautiful.Is that your design or someones else's?

  2. Hi Fiona. What a lovely scissor fob. Stitching and going to the beach does sound wonderful!

  3. Oh my goodness how pretty is this?
    I've loved all of the fobs you've shown on your blog but this has to be my favourite.
    I just love that colour palette.
    Lovely beach pictures. I live very close to the beach but it being winter here now it doesn't have quite the same appeal!

  4. Oh Fiona, your scissor fob is just GORGEOUS!! I LOVE the colors that you used. Just so, so pretty. You are so talented!

    Beautiful beach pictures, too. I live near the beach, but it's not as pretty as yours. HUGS!

  5. Your scissors fob is beautiful and I love to colors. Also the beach pictures were beautiful since we are still snowy here.

  6. Fiona: Would you kindly send warm weather to me in Minnesota U.S.A. I am freezing I long for warm weather I think I am blubbering again I have brain freeze, help.
    Claudia is adorable sucking in the rays of the beautiful sun, I hope you Holiday was a very good one.
    Peace to you

  7. Fiona: I am so sorry I did not comment about your scissor fob it is beautiful.

  8. Beautiful fob. Glad you had a lovely day yesterday, we just spent the day relaxing at home.
    LISA V

  9. Your scissor fob is stunning!
    I love that beach photo. For those of us in the cold north it's like a mirage!

  10. Such a beautiful fob! I love this romantic combination of colours - green and rose and some ecru :)
    And I have little thimble collection, some of them are presents from my friends.
    Lucky you, sun and beach :)

    Best wishes from snowy Moscow,


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