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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Early Days in January 2011

We have had no internet for the last three days which has been a little frustrating but it's back on again now so I will share the first few days of January 2011 with you.    On New Years Day I decided to organise my Vignette in Stitches new mystery quilt.  These are the colours I have chosen and this beautiful Leanne Beasley quilt is going to be fun to stitch I'm sure!

New Years Day also found us all down at one of our secluded beaches here on the south coast - away from the bluebottles which plagued our own beach on that day!    This was the view as we walked down to the beach!

When Santa bought Chelsea this pink float for Christmas, I'm pretty sure he knew I would float around the beach that afternoon - the colour of the sea was spectacular and temperature warm.  OK so right now I'm thinking of those of you in the snow and cold!!
And we celebrated 2011 on the evening of 1st January with all our children and their partners and Tim's parents who live in the next street to us!  (Thanks Pete for taking the photo!)  It has been so lovely to have all the children home for a week or so and one by one they are now returning to work!    And as I have another week off until work resumes, I have been organising some stitching for Needlework for this year, assembling some quilt projects and stitching up a bit of a storm - more on that next time!!   


  1. Beautiful family .... and I am so JEALOUS of the sun and beach. I live in Pennsylvania and it is cold. Wishing that warm days on a beach were here as well. Happy New Year!

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the holiday....your family picture is beautiful!

  3. Great family picture, Fiona!

    I love the color of the sea - it looks so peaceful.

    The fabrics for the mystery quilt look yummy!

  4. Fiona: The quilt fabric is fabulous I love the colors I do hope you will post a finished picture.
    I am so glad you had a great newyears eve, lucky you to have nice weather.
    Happy Newyear

  5. That's a fine looking family there!!
    And I could handle that view on the beach anytime.

  6. Great photo - full of beautiful people :)
    I adore the quilt fabric - perfect choices - I can't wait to see it

    Happy 2011

  7. Happy New Year to all your family!
    Your new quilt is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see it :)

    Best wishes,

  8. A glorious sunshiney sky and perfect sea pic, cold and dismal here so just what i needed to brighten my day

    A truly wonderful family pic to treasure

  9. don't you live in a beautiful part of the world! just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

    love your family pic too!



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