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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coffee Mug Warmer & Bag and Raffle Quilt!

Here is the coffee mug warmer and mug bag which I made to take my mug to Needlework in!  Inspired by a mug warmer from Nancy Halvorsen, I decided I needed a bag to hold it in!   And this is the end result!

It was so nice to be back at Needlework this morning !   Can you believe, we had to cancel last night's Needlework group because of the heat!   When I left work it was 45 degrees C in the town I work in and then when I got back to where we have Needlework, it was a cool and balmy 42 degrees.  So the Church Hall (without air conditioning) was a sauna and so for the first time in about 13 years, I cancelled our classes!     We did come home and sit in the water at the beach for about an hour though!

This morning some of the ladies bought back their Christmas homework which I gave out at the Christmas party in December.   We are making a raffle quilt using some of Jenny of Elefantz designs (with her blessing of course) and they all look so lovely!   **  Spare a thought and a prayer for Jenny in Queensland as they await with trepidation the arrival of Cyclone Yasi this afternoon.   **

We have changed the designs a little and some are stitched and some have applique - but I'm sure they will all look beautiful when finished and sewn together!   Thanks ladies for doing your homework so beautifully!   


  1. Your sewing ladies are a credit to you Fiona.
    The blocks are beautiful.
    Your mug looks very posh in it's warmer :)
    Gosh, I'll never moan again when it reaches 35C here in August!

  2. That is so cute, Fiona! I bet your mum loves it!

  3. Beautiful stitching Fiona! I laughed when you said you cancelled because of the heat, we had to cancel ours because of snow/ice/freezing rain. Definitely a day for stitching!

  4. Those quilt squares are awesome! And I have a feeling there will be a few other mug warmers being made around the world now...

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  6. Sorry...sometimes Blogger and I have to duke it out! LOL! I was typing...

    I love your cup warmer...it is so cute. And, that quilt will be just gorgeous, I'm sure. Your Gardener's quilt is stunning as well.

    We will be praying for all those living in and around Queensland...hoping they are safe and sound!

    Happy Stitchin'

  7. Love the mug warmer and bag! The quilt embroidery is lovely...can't wait to see more.

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