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Friday, February 4, 2011

TUSAL and Tis the Season!!

It's time again to show my glass of threads - TUSAL - totally useless stitch a long - which is being run by It's Daffycat!   As you can see, I have been busy this past month!

And I have gathered together my fabrics to commence the 'Tis the Season Stitch A Long which Chookyblue will be co-ordinating!  Love all the reds and am excited about having another little quilt finished by Christmas!  


  1. Oh Fiona it's going to be beautiful!!! I'd be excited too...Dzintra

  2. You are so organised, Fiona! The fabrics look great.

  3. Fee, you are so 'on to it', I've only got as far as getting the book, guess I better get a move on eh?

  4. Your TUSAL container looks beautiful just like Valentine's Day! Lovely red fabrics, and I look forward to seeing what they become.

  5. Fiona - I love the fabrics you have chosen - Beautiful !!!!

  6. You certainly have been busy! Your cup runneth over!
    I love the fabrics you've chosen for your next quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing progress on this one.

  7. Fiona: I love the positively beautiful colors for the quilt I hope you post progress pictures.
    Peace to you

  8. gorgeous..............love the fabrics you have chosen for Tis the Season........

  9. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous Fiona, the fabrics are so pretty!

  10. Gorgeous fabrics! It will look beautiful once it is finished! :)

  11. Oh Fiona! You are a girl after my own heart with those beautiful reds! Red is my all time favorite color, so I immediately started drooling over your red fabrics! I may have to check this SAL out if it's not filled up. I DO love the reds!

    Love your ORTS! lol


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