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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Billums in the Solomons

Some more photos of the Solomons trip - here are David and I leaving the church in the valley where we are planning to build the kindergarten later this year!   Our dear friend Patrick is in the blue shirt holding his young son Adrick.

In Honiara the colourful "billums" are hanging from the trees - all made by local women and very useful - David bought me one home from Papua New Guinea a few years ago, and he wanted one for himself!

And so as the ladies were sitting stitching underneath the trees, he made his choice!

This "masculine" black and white billum was stitched by this lovely lady and she enjoyed having her photo taken with the purchaser himself!    This was the closest I got to "stitching" in the past week!    And today is our 31st wedding anniversary and we have celebrated with church (and sharing our stories of the Solomons trip), lunch with some good friends and a lovely evening meal!      This week brings new horizons as I start my new job tomorrow - wish me luck!!



  1. Such beautiful pictures, what a memorable way to celebrate your anniversary!
    All the best on starting your new job. : )

  2. David had made a wonderful choice but I rather fancy that plum and cream billum hanging in the front of the picture. They're all quite lovely!
    Thanks again for sharing your pictures. I also hope that you had a wonderful anniversary!

  3. A new job, how refreshing and congratulations on 31 years of marriage.
    Love the colourful billums, funny how he chose a black and white one

  4. All the best for the new job. The Solomons pictures are just beautiful - how wonderful you are helping build a kindergarten, as a teacher that is a cause close to my heart, and having visited the Solomons many years ago, it was lovely to see your pictures. Kind regards, Meredith


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