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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Christmas and Vignette Giveaway!

I know it's not Christmas for a long time - but my Christmases all came at once yesterday when I finally retired (temporarily)!!   30 years in the one job (with a couple of years break for the children) has been an amazing experience!   I'm looking forward to more stitching time and taking time to smell the roses - however I have another part time job already only 15 minutes from home (I currently travel 1 hour each way!!) which is fantastic!   I start in a couple of weeks!      So.... with that in mind .... I finished off this Christmas decoration for the Christmas Ornament A Month Challenge!   It was one I had done a while ago and gave away and I wanted one for me - so here it is!!

I had a great day in Bodalla on Monday stitching with the Bodalla Embroiderers!   Here is the project and kit which we did on the day!    Fabulous ladies and a most enjoyable day!

And on the weekend, I stitched together my first block for the Vignette in Stitches quilt!  Just have to hurry up and do the embroidery as Issue 2 is about to come out with the next two blocks in it!   On the subject of Vignette, the Vignette in Stitches blog is having a fantastic giveaway of some beautiful fabrics!   Have a look and enter if you wish!


  1. congratulations. Any many happy hours to stitch. An hour travel each way is very long. I always wonder how people do it. Your pieces are so pretty.

  2. Thank you Fiona, for sharing the Vignette giveaway. Enjoy your couple of weeks break and your part-time job :-)
    Happy stitching, P

  3. Congratulations on your retirement! Great finishes.

  4. Welcome to the world of retirement...although for me I am semi retired but it is lovely to have time to stitch instead of work! I love the ornie...the sewing box...the quilt...guess I love it all!

  5. Congratulations on your retirement! Enjoy that extra stitching time. It won't be long before I'll be joining you. I'm finished work in May.

  6. Congratulations on your retirement and for sharing the link to the giveaway. I LOVE your adorable Christmas ornament! So, so cute. :) I'm so enjoying the Vignette in Stitches that you sent me, and I'm getting ready to start the first block. Since you are retiring, maybe I could leave Texas for awhile and come stay with you and you could teach me all of your beautiful talents. ;) HUGS, friend!

  7. Hi Fiona, Enjoy your (semi)retirement. How nice to have your next job a little closer to home.

    Good to see you've already been putting your time to good stitching use!!!

    Regards, Sue

  8. Congrats on semi-retiring!
    Your ornie is so cute!

  9. Happy retirement Fiona!
    I love your little ornament and of course the pyramid etui is gorgeous.



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