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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Embroidered Garland and Vignette

Next weeks project for the Needlework ladies is this embroidered garland of flowers - I have used up lots of buttons on a pin box to match!

And I was very excited to receive my second issue of "Vignette" a couple of days ago!  I have browsed through the pages - again and again!   It really is a beautiful magazine!

Leanne's photos are amazing - I love the hexagon quilt and fresh raspberries are my absolute favourite of all time!! 


  1. That looks like a great magazine
    & a lovely project displayed !!

  2. You've given me such a cute idea for some of my buttons and one of my boxes. Sometimes I think my creative juices are just gone. I see something like this and say I should have thought of that....once upon a time I would have :) thanks for sharing, Fiona

  3. Oh Fiona, how I wish I lived across the pond so I could be a part of your stitching ladies! Y'all do such pretty projects. I LOVE the button box! What a cute idea. And Issue 2 of Vignette looks as beautiful as Issue 1. Hugs from Texas, my friend!

  4. The garland of flowers is lovely - what a wonderful way of using up buttons


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