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Monday, March 7, 2011


I was very excited to receive my first months kit for Anni Downs (Hatched and Patched) new quilt "In My Garden" - I'm loving all the fabrics and colours and can hardly wait to start on it!   Must finish off one other thing before I do!

This Leanne Beasley stitchery has been waiting for a while to be put together - hopefully that will get done today! 

And it is that time of the month to post my TUSAL wine glass, which will have to become a bigger jar by next month I hope!    With all the odd bits of stitching I have been doing lately, there is such a variety of colour in this wine glass!   It's great to see how much others have been doing - their jars are huge!! 


  1. That Leanne Beasley piece is lovely! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. I should finish the Leanne Beasley bags too!!! And lots of other things as well.

  3. Anni's new BOM is lovely, great choice of fabric....and Leannes sitchery is just so beautiful..

  4. here I sit in my chair giggling to myself... love the wine glass idea

  5. Ooo... love the colors in your needles and pins stitch. So pretty!

  6. I love your Leanne Beasley piece!
    Having a bigger jar for my orts doesn't always look like I've been very productive. I like using my smaller jar. It makes me feel better!

  7. The BOM looks to be a fabulous project.
    I've done the Leanne Beasley and enjoyed every stitch.
    Yours is beautiful.


  8. Annis quilt is beautiful you will enjoy stitching it.........

  9. Best thing about ORTs is they mash down very easily! A great TU update!

  10. Your stitching is beautiful, I love the Leanne Beasley design.


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