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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Still having a bit of difficulty in posting photos but thought I would try again - let's see how we go this time!  This was a gorgeous knitted shawl which Pauline has completed and bought in to Needlework to show us recently.  It is so fine it can be pulled through a wedding ring - absolutely beautiful!

And Audrey has now finished off her lovely teddy bear quilt which is just divine!

And Jenny kindly gave me this very bright and colourful bag which matches the lovely quilt I was given by all the ladies when Needlework finished last year!  I love it - thankyou Jenny!
And Jenny showed us this simple yet very effective quilt she has just completed!   Lots of lovely ideas and all beautifully made!   Well done ladies!


  1. The pictures posted just fine, and everything is lovely!

  2. What pretty things. I can't imagine the shawl being so fine you could pull it through a wedding ring. It must be beautiful in real life.

  3. That shawl is just beautiful!

  4. You have some very talented friends!

    Being able to pull the shawl through a wedding ring? WOW!

  5. Your ladies certainly do some lovely work. The shawl reminds me of a beautiful one I was given when our son was born. It unfortunately made its way into the washing machine one day . . . not so fine anymore, that's for sure!

    Regards, Sue


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