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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hatched and Patched

Sylvia and I have had a little excursion to "The Home Patch" - the home of Anni Downs creations at Hatched and Patched!   What a beautiful little piece of the world!!   If you are in the vicinity of Bathurst, New South Wales, you really should visit - it is absolutely exquisite!   As you can see, I was very happy to have found "The Home Patch"!!   Housed in a rustic old brick home and stables in Bathurst, it is just a wonderful wonderful treasure to behold!

And even more fantastic was ..... Anni was home!!!!     And so very gracious with her time and advice and hints on needle turn applique (and everything else).   And as Sylvia and I have joined up for the "In My Garden" block of the month quilt, it was lovely to have our photo taken with Anni in front of her beautifully finished quilt!   How exciting was that???

I loved this gorgeous huge pincushion when it was in a magazine a while ago - to see it in "real life" was great!   It stands about 14" high and is beautifully decorated!   Just wandering through "The Home Patch" was an absolute delight!   Every nook and cranny held something exciting!

And such beautiful baskets and tins of the most beautiful fabrics - I wanted them all!!!   Wisely... I didn't purchase them all ... but had fun looking at them all and dreaming about what I could make with them all!!     Lots more photos to come, but I must get ready as some of the children will be arriving home tonight for Easter so I must look like I have done something before they arrive!   Enjoy your Easter break with family and friends ... and don't forget .... it's not about the Easter Eggs!!


  1. Fancy blogging already, Fiona. Well done. Thanks for a wonderful time in Bathurst.

  2. Lucky you! That In My Garden quilt looks beautiful. Tracee xx

  3. Wonderful pictures...thank you for sharing...

  4. Love that quilt and your visit sounds wonderful, but that pincushion is calling my name. Going to have to pay a visit to Quilters Refuge here and tell them about it. What a "great" idea!
    thanks for sharing,

  5. oh how exciting you girls got to visit Anni's shop.........the shop is gorgeous isn't it........great Anni was there when you had your visit........

  6. That last picture had my head spinning!! WOW..check out those beautiful fabrics.... I know you had fun!

  7. Fiona, glad you both had a good time. And impressive self-restraint, too. You do need to leave some treasures for your next visit, after all!!

    Enjoy your weekend. Regards, Sue

  8. It is a fantastic shop! I felt the same.... needed to go back in case I missed anything! And how lucky were you that Anni was there!!

  9. What a fabulous shop! That quilt is beautiful!
    It sure looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing.


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