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Thursday, April 7, 2011

TUSAL update

Here is my TUSAL (totally useless stitch a long) update for this month!  My wine glass is overflowing mostly with red threads from my "Tis the Season" stitch a long!

One of the blocks from my "Tis the Season" stitch a long!  The others just need to have borders sewn around them!!  

Shirley has been away for a few weeks and while she was away she has created these cute little owl bags for her two lucky daughters!!

And this photo is for Shirley's daughters - here is your mum with her lovely bags!


  1. good to see some SAL stitching........lovely block...........

  2. Shirley is too cute - her bags are almost as cute as she is ;) I think her daughters will love them!!!!

    I can't wait to see your "Tis the Season" finish Fiona - It is a beautiful color.

  3. oh I love your bags !

    marylin France

  4. OH love the bags!

    Great orts ;)

  5. Oooo, your ORT jar is so full and the ORTs are looking lovely!

  6. Took a while for me to work out what TUSAL meant. Seeing your ORT wine glass certainly shows how much stitching you have done over the month. Maybe thats what I need to do.... :)

  7. Your ORTs look so pretty! You've had a very busy month from the looks of things. I'm so behind on my blogreading and haven't had the time to comment but I have been enjoying all of your posts. I love seeing what all your friends have been up to as well. Those Owl bags are adorable!


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