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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Stitching

It was back to Needlework this morning after our School Holiday/Easter break (2 weeks) - and I can honestly say I miss getting together with the ladies for stitching ... and chatting .... and morning tea .... and the friendships!    Some of the ladies have been busy over the holiday period and here are a few of their creations!    Stella has created this gorgeous cat (for all you cat lovers) with some lovely fabric purchased in the USA on a trip a while back!   Love the striped pants underneath (unfortunately they didn't show up in the photo!!)

And Inge has been busy creating cushions - this one was from a class we did a while ago and she has added her personal touch of her own special buttons!

And Inge is also getting organised for Christmas already with this cute log cabin cushion using all her Christmas fabrics! 


  1. That cat is purrrfect! Your friends have made some amazing things.

  2. what beautiful creations!!!


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