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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Needlework Ladies

Here are some lovely finished projects and some "works in progress" which I have photographed in the past few weeks!  These colourful journal covers were bought along to the first Stitching on the Lake Day - they were projects from one of our previous stitching days!   Beautifully finished ladies!

This journal or folder cover was personalised with "Stitching by the Lake" at the top!   What a great idea!

Another pastel version of the "Chelsea Bloom" quilt was recently won by one of my Needlework ladies at an auction for the Night Owl Quilters Biggest Morning Tea to raise funds for cancer research!

Shirley W has been busy doing her favourite thing lately - Blackwork!!   This bag looks great Shirley!

And another Shirley - has been busy making bags - here are two of her latest creations (and she says "hi" to her beautiful daughters who like to check in to my blog every so often to see their mum!!)  How gorgeous are the leaves on the tree behind - taken this morning on a chilly winter morning!

Jenny has made this very cute number quilt for a new arrival!

And she has quilted the cutest little elephants around the border!

And Julie's friend has made her a useful gift - a name tag for "stuff"!!   This would look great hanging on a sewing basket Julie!!

And another couple of creative Needlework ladies are making a Sashiko quilt in a class up the coast.  This is Frances' first block - looks fabulous Frances!  


  1. it is all beautiful but I really love the journal...how adorable! Such talent and patience. Blessings

  2. What beautiful work the ladies are all doing, such a variation of talents, - those elephants sure look cute around the edge of the quilt

  3. There's some great work there, that's for sure. I love Shirley's blackwork bag - definitely food for thought there . . . the cogs are turning in my head already! Thanks for sharing, Fiona.

    Regards, Sue

  4. I love the blackwork bag - It is just beautiful ;)

  5. I love seeing all the pics of the talent displayed by your needlework friends. Their work is truly amazing!

  6. I keep patterns in those folders too but never thought of making a pretty cover for them. What a great idea.
    I love the blackwork bag; so simple and so effective; just lovely.


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