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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stitching on the Lake and Birthday Flowers!

I was very blessed in the flower department for my birthday last Friday - these beautiful flowers were sent from my children - thankyou so much Sam, Ash, Elliott and Chelsea! xxxx

These gorgeous flowers came from the girls I used to work with!  Thanks girls!  I miss you too!!

Playing with the close-up button on the camera - how exquisite is this?

Not only did Maree and Lynne cater for the Stitching on the Lake Day, but Maree bought these beautiful tulips which were very very tight buds on Saturday, but are now starting to open up!  Thanks Maree!

And she must think I need cooking lessons!!!!   So I have been browsing the pages of Jamie Oliver's "30 Minute Meals" - where to start??   Delicious Maree - thankyou!

The back cover is just amazing!

 Sylvia made me this beautiful Anni Downs booklet cover - "Life is Champagne and Roses" - how true!!  Thankyou Sylvia!  

Unfortunately I had an accident on the way home from Canberra early on Saturday evening - a kangaroo jumped out of the dark and straight into my car!   My car unfortunately came off second best and is now at the smash repairs being fixed!   I'm fine though!

And some of the girls hard at work and concentrating at "Stitching on the Lake" on Saturday!

Did I mention the absolutely delicious lemon butterfly cakes?  

And the Raspberry and White Chocolate slice?   

Our only male present on the day was the very beautiful Patrick - at only 5 weeks of age! 

And a bit more of the Hobbysew display - with the very popular "Vignette" magazines in the foreground!    What a great day we had - and the best thing is we get to do it all again this Saturday! Looking forward to seeing all the ladies on Saturday!     


  1. Glad to hear you are okay, but what about the kangaroo?

  2. So glad there were no "damages" to you! Looks like your birthday and the retreat were beautiful!

  3. Well, happy birthday, Fiona! What a lovely weekend you had, and beautiful flowers! Just the right time of year to take the chill off, too, by brightening up your day. *grin*

  4. Fiona, Sorry to hear that your trip home was a bit more dramatic than you would have hoped, but glad you are safe and sound.

    Regards, Sue.

  5. wow so much in this post.............happy birthday...........beautiful flowers........love the needlebook..........the stitching day went well..........bugger about the car..........

  6. so glad you are ok. Your flowers are gorgeous and so cheerful!


  7. Belated Happy Birthday wishes!!
    Your retreat looks absolutely wonderful!
    I'm sorry things had to end the way they did though. I'm so glad that you weren't hurt. I'd hate to see the kangaroo though!

  8. what a lovely weekend you had! Happy Birthday, Fiona! These birthday flowers are so amazing and cheerful!


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