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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stitching on the Lake Day 2

We had another fabulous Stitching on the Lake day in Canberra yesterday!   Lots of lovely ladies stitching and chatting and eating ... doesn't really get much better than that!!   The sun shone through the windows early in the morning before everyone arrived and the room looked great!

Hobbysew Belconnen again bought a gorgeous stall full of fun bits and pieces that we just "had" to have!   Have a look at Sylvia's blog because I'm sure she will have some photos of the day there too!

The caterers did a wonderful job again - the food was delicious and the table looked magnificent!

The laughing caterers hid in the kitchen cupboard at some point in time during the day (just to take a break!)  Seriously ladies ... you excelled yourself and the food was beautiful! 

It is always lovely to see all the ladies' sewing companions and scissor keepers etc etc.   I found this lovely one on my travels between the tables on the day!

I'm not sure Jo knows I'm an "orange" person, but I really liked this scissor fob that she had made and it was attached to some really striking "Eiffel Tower" scissors!   Divine!

Karen (centre) sent through a couple of her photos to me so I thought I would share them too!  Here are three good friends - Alyson, Karen and Martha - stitching away happily!

Some of the ladies hard at work (and chatter)!!

More industrious activity!!

Alyson and her daughter "shopping" with Cathy's help!

And even more activity and chatter happening!  We had a lovely day again!   Bit tired today as I am unpacking and putting away!   Thankfully I made it back from Canberra in one piece and didn't manage to find a stray kangaroo on the road like I did last week!!   My car is still recovering at the smash repairers!    All the ladies are very excited about the prospect of a "Winter Stitching Retreat" in 2012, so we will get our thinking caps on about that one and let you know some details soon!!    Enjoy the coming week ... I hope you manage to find some stitching time!!

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  1. Fiona: I am so glad you had a great time when my stitch group gets together we have so much fun.
    Its refreshing to have so many friends.


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