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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stitching on the Lake

One last post before I head off after work tomorrow for Canberra and the first of our "Stitching on the Lake" days on Saturday!  Here is a collage of the projects we will be doing - just as a gentle reminder to those of you who are attending who want to decide what to stitch before they come!!   Sylvia and I are really looking forward to this weekend (and next weekend) and hope all the ladies who are coming are coming with expectant hearts, a warm jumper (because apparently it will be freezing in Canberra) and a big smile!   Looking forward to seeing you all!   And I'm sorry we can't come to the USA to do our Stitching Days - I have had lots of emails and comments from blogging friends overseas who would love to come or would love us to come visit!  Never rule that one out!!

This is our Needlework Group's raffle quilt for this semester!  We have made lots of stitcheries and Jenny kindly pieced the quilt top together and gave it to me yesterday!  I hope the ladies in Canberra will enjoy seeing this special project!  I will take some better photos and show you more later!  Enjoy your weekend - wherever you are - and try and fit in a little bit of stitching!


  1. Never mind the USA, what about that small island off the mainland of Europe, lol? Sounds a wonderful weekend, have fun, everybody!

  2. Hope all goes well -I'm sure that the day will be fantastic as you seem to have everything well under control- even if it is cold that will soon be forgotten as everyone warms up with their stitching.

  3. Your Stitching on the Lake weekend sounds wonderful. All the projects look so lovely I would have trouble deciding which one to choose.
    Look forward to hearing all about it.
    Happy Stitching


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