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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stitching on the Lake

What a fabulous day we enjoyed yesterday at "Stitching on the Lake" in Canberra!   Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves immensely and Sylvia and I really loved getting to meet some "new" stitchery ladies!!  Lots of photos to share - here are some of them!    This is early in the morning (a very chilly Canberra morning!!) with all the gift bags (in a nice shade of aubergine) ready for the ladies to arrive!

Hobbysew Belconnen bought a beautiful display of fabrics and bits and pieces for "shopping" on the day!

They also had a few gorgeous little sewing boxes and in the middle was Sylvia's finished sample of Leanne Beasley's stitchery bag!

These cute little dolls were a hit as were the baskets of "to die for" fat 1/4's that everyone loved!

Maree and Lynne excelled in the catering department and did such a fantastic and scrumptious job that they were invited back again and again and again!!  The champagne punch at lunch was a huge success as was the absolutely delicious morning tea!

Some of the ladies hard at work!

Judy and her gorgeous girls have been coming to the Stitching Days for many years - it is always great to see them again - and this time with good friend Deb!

Mother and daughter quality stitching time together!

Sylvia and I just eyeing off the lunchtime champagne punch!!  What a treat!!   We thought we had worked hard enough to have a little sip with lunch!

Pistachio and white chocolate - delicious, divine and very very tasty!

Lots of ladies hard at work - and lots of chatting and socialising too - made for a great day!


  1. What lovely surroundings to spend a day stitching- everyone looks so busy and there are lots of treats to tempt ( for eating and purchasing)- I'm sure the next day will be just as good.

  2. wow, all looks great Fiona. We will all be wishing we were there too! Tracee xx

  3. To think that such a lovely day could come from Cold Canberra, the warmth and friendship and comfort food looked as if it was a great great day.


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