Thursday, June 30, 2011

Needlework Ladies

Here are a couple of lovely photos which I have taken of some of the beautifully finished work completed by my Needlework ladies!   Pauline has used the most gorgeous fabrics to create this special little sewing folder!   The front cover is embroidered beautifully! 

Inside there is a needle case attached and a place for those stray pins!  There are plastic sleeves for notes or projects!

Inside the back cover is a tatted thimble holder, a pocket and a scissor keeper!

And this gorgeous little folder goes inside this equally gorgeous bag!   Outstanding Pauline! 

And our blackwork fanatic - Shirley W - has completed this lovely bellpull!

Being cold here - there is lots of knitting going on at Needlework - lots of lovely scarves and hats - including this cute little knitted ensemble!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Tis the Season" Stitchalong blocks

I have finally sewn the borders on a few of my "Tis the Season" blocks!   I loved seeing the finished quilt at the Craft Show and was inspired to sew some borders onto my already stitched blocks!  

I have used the variegated red DMC stranded cotton for the stitchery and love how the colours turn out!

These should be quick stitcheries and this little quilt should be finished "quickly" but I have too many other projects on the go at the moment I have decided!

And after all .... Christmas is at least six months away!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sydney Quilt and Craft Show

I have just returned from Sydney, having had to drive my 90 year old father in law up there for an appointment which just happened, purely by chance, to coincide with the Quilt and Craft Show!   So I managed to have a couple of hours at the show at Darling Harbour while he was at his appointment in the city.   I loved all the variations of this "Dear Jane" quilt - lots of different colours and all beautifully stitched!

A closer view - and the quilting was superb!

As I'm right into a hexagon quilt at the moment - this one took my eye!   Again - the quilting is exquisite!

Some of the wearable art designs were amazing!

And this was just gorgeous close up - just like a painting!

Gorgeous quilting again!!

And one of my favourites - beautifully needle-turned flowers - gorgeous colours - fantastic quilting!  Ticks all boxes for me!

Love anything that combines patchwork with embroidery and this version of a Leanne Beasley quilt was lovely!

And one of the great things was to catch up with a fellow blogger or two!   Chookyblue was there and we arranged to meet - only I didn't have a clue what she looked like because she never puts a photo of herself on her blog!   So here is one for all of you who every wanted to know what Chookyblue (should be "Chookyred") looks like!     It was lovely to finally meet and we managed to fit a lot of talking into the few minutes we shared together!   Also got to meet up with Cardygirl (and her bag)too!  Lots of fun!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pincushion and Scissor Keeper

This is a pincushion and scissor fob which I have recently finished off.   It is my adaptation of a Nancy Halvorsen inspired design.   I love the pumpkin pincushions - so couldn't resist making it into something I would love to use!     

The back of the scissor keeper and inside are yet another pair of cute embroidery scissors!

This needlecase from a couple of weeks ago completes the set - although I love the fabrics and have some more - so anything else in the "stitchy" line could eventuate!

A belated birthday weekend away in Berry was had this past weekend - David organised a cute little house in Berry for the weekend and Bruce and Sylvia  joined us from Canberra!   We had a lovely weekend!   Way too much food was consumed - but we enjoyed it all!

Sylvia and I managed to fit in a little bit of stitching time!

Bruce (on the left) has one of those great cameras which you can set up to take a photo - so here we all are on the steps of the cottage - Bruce, me, David, Sylvia!!

And here I am trying to finish off one of my Leanne Beasley Vignette blocks - so much stitching in these blocks - but very enjoyable stitching!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Canvas Work Creations!

Not a lot of stitching got done over the long weekend because we ventured out to train (in the rain) for a big walk we have coming up!   But I did manage to finish off this cute canvas work piece!  I love the colours!   I found this pattern in an English Needlecraft magazine which is about 15 years old!   I have changed it slightly to suit my taste!

It is always fun to use lots of different stitches to create something - usually I make up my own designs so it was a bit hard to stick to a pattern - which is why I wandered off a couple of times!

This will be a great pincushion I'm thinking!

And the pattern called for a felt backing but I decided I would like a stitched one so I used up the rest of the colours to make a nicer backing!

Friday, June 10, 2011

"Vignette" Issue 3 and In My Garden

With a long weekend coming up here in New South Wales, it is time to put on the thinking cap about projects for this weekend!   It was exciting to receive the third issue of "Vignette" earlier this week and see all the beautiful projects Leanne Beasley has in store for us!   Even the cover is inviting!!

This would be a lovely quick stitch - a remembrance pincushion with embroidered rosemary!

Perhaps I will have time to make lots more hexagons for the hexagon quilt!

I could always stitch the next few blocks on my "Vignette in Stitches" quilt!

A close up of Leanne's beautiful stitchery!

I might finish off this pincushion I am making to match my needle case which I finished off  last week!

Another alternative is to start preparing my next "In My Garden" square by Anni Downs from "Hatched and Patched"! 

I'm just loving receiving these gorgeous little fabric packs with my block of the month for "In My Garden"!!     So much to do .... and not nearly enough days in a long weekend!   I hope you enjoy your weekend - wherever you may be!! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Folded Needlecase and Melbourne

I finally found the time to sew the catch onto this folded needlecase I have made based on a gorgeous Nancy Halvorsen design.   I loved the bright and colourful fabrics (also Nancy Halvorsen) and enjoyed putting together this handy little sewing item!

And inside there is lots of room for scissors, needles, Pigma tracing pen, threads etc.

I had to share some of the fabulous food and sights of Melbourne - have just spent a weekend there with some friends - this delicious apple and rhubarb panacotta was to die for!

Another gorgeous dessert!    These are not all my desserts by the way!

This was one of the nicest Caesar Salads I have ever had!

Lots of coffees were enjoyed - this one looked too beautiful to drink!

At the old Convent for breakfast one morning - it was a clear but crisp Melbourne morning but the trees were beautiful!

Delicious spinach tart!

Beautiful baskets of homemade bread!

Very special breakfast of hotcakes with blueberry ricotta and fresh berries!  

Spiced eggs - beautifully presented!

The old fashioned coffee machine roasting coffee beans at the Convent!