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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Folded Needlecase and Melbourne

I finally found the time to sew the catch onto this folded needlecase I have made based on a gorgeous Nancy Halvorsen design.   I loved the bright and colourful fabrics (also Nancy Halvorsen) and enjoyed putting together this handy little sewing item!

And inside there is lots of room for scissors, needles, Pigma tracing pen, threads etc.

I had to share some of the fabulous food and sights of Melbourne - have just spent a weekend there with some friends - this delicious apple and rhubarb panacotta was to die for!

Another gorgeous dessert!    These are not all my desserts by the way!

This was one of the nicest Caesar Salads I have ever had!

Lots of coffees were enjoyed - this one looked too beautiful to drink!

At the old Convent for breakfast one morning - it was a clear but crisp Melbourne morning but the trees were beautiful!

Delicious spinach tart!

Beautiful baskets of homemade bread!

Very special breakfast of hotcakes with blueberry ricotta and fresh berries!  

Spiced eggs - beautifully presented!

The old fashioned coffee machine roasting coffee beans at the Convent!    

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  1. Love your Nancy Halvorsen needlecase. Boy all that food make me hungry it looks so yummy.


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